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When it comes to dating apps, relying on those that surface #1 on search results or the top-rated apps on apps stores is not always the best strategy. Neither is relying on those with the most users or ones that are niche apps catered toward ethnicity, fetishes or single parents.

Tinder is arguably the most downloaded app worldwide but that doesn’t mean it’s the best app for relationships. Similarly, it doesn’t mean you can’t meet someone of substance for a relationship or marriage either. Factors like location, app options, age, lifestyle choices, preferences, deal-breakers matter.

Below is an overview of the top online dating apps and additional deep dives into each including pros and cons, demographics and more.

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How Many Dating Apps Are There?

These days, everyone has a dating up. There are thousands and thousands of dating apps on the market. Of those, only a dozen or so are worth using or exploring. Most apps are rather sketchy and fraudulent.


Best Dating Apps 2024, Which Is Best Dating Site, Top Online Dating Sites

The best apps for relationships are somewhat subjective (based on gender, orientation, willingness to make a first move and personality). All dating apps are introduction tools, and treating them as ordering apps or failing to screen profiles and read people will likely result in frustration and heartbreak.

Below are some tips to help navigate which apps are best for you. For those that need additional help, I offer coaching services for men, women, gay and straight folks. Read about my press coverage here.


Are Paid Dating Sites Better Than Free Dating Sites? Dating Site Reviews

Not necessarily. Paid dating apps give a false sense of security, expectations. Most people can do just fine with free apps if they are patient, know how to screen profiles, know how to read people and have great photos.

Paid dating apps typically have fewer users than free apps but also might promise more than they can deliver.

If you know how to create a great profile that stands out, you can do well without paying for upgrades, premium accounts or boosts. Users get better return on investment when they focus on their profile rather than trying to pay for hacks.

Below is an overview of the best dating apps and particular demographics that they best cater to. Not all apps are created equal and the best apps for some people are not best for all.


Best Dating Sites For Serious Relationships: What Dating Apps Are Most Serious

FAQ’s, Blog Topics:  Tinder  |  | OkCupid  |  Hinge  |  Bumble  |  Coffee Meets Bagel  |  The League

Median Age Online Dating Apps

Median Age Online Dating Apps

What Is The Number 1 Dating App? Top Dating Apps 2024, Most Effective Online Dating Site? 

There are countless online dating sites and with that obscure, niche sites that claim to specialize in specific demographics and interests:

-Farmers Only (rural America)

-eHarmony (the first marriage focused dating app),

-Lumen (Dating Over 50), J-Date (Jewish Singles),

-Zoosk (not sure who uses this or why),

-The League (“professionals, with acceptance and matches based on LinkedIn and Facebook profiles”)

and so on and so forth. For those that are new to online dating it can be a daunting task to figure out which dating sites and apps to use. It’s not uncommon to gravitate to Tinder as your first stab at online dating but for most people, there are plenty of dating apps better than Tinder.


Are There Any Dating Apps Better Than Tinder? Which Dating App Is Best?

Yes, of course but every app is different. Different audiences, expectations, lifestyles. Better options exist in bigger, metropolitan cities while options in rural areas are slim. Dating apps are merely introduction tools and so you will only get out what you put in.

Every app serves profiles in different order so often times it’s a matter or luck and timing. In other cases, it’s about knowing your demographics, lifestyle and choosing the best app.

Even though Bumble is known for relationships, doesn’t mean guys use it for hookups. Similarly, I have known people who met their spouse on Tinder.


Best Free Dating Apps: Bumble vs Tinder vs Hinge vs CMB, Good Free Dating Apps

10 years ago, OkCupid and were safe bets with enough market share that you could safely use the sites and not worry about not having enough profiles to explore.

Dating apps then were straightforward – create a profile, upload photos, write a bio, browse profiles, message said person and ask them out on a date. These days, users are segmented across more apps than ever before which dilutes the user bases across all apps.

Unfortunately apps and technology companies like UberEats and Amazon have altered the mindset of all consumers thinking they can get exactly what they want with a few swipes and clicks (read this post about the dystopian state of dating in San Francisco).

However, dating apps are not like food-ordering or other shopping apps, they are merely introduction apps.

Dating apps should not be expected to screen users, filter out creeps nor weed out hook-up focused individuals – nothing will nor should replace the due diligence and social skills needed to analyze people and profiles, ask questions, be patient and meet in person.

Difference between Hinge, Bumble & Tinder (Dating App Comparison)

No dating app is perfect but there are some great dating apps out there if you know how to approach them, know which photos are effective, know how to write a bio and have realistic expectations based on your own looks, education, height, age and location.

Below are my favorite mature dating apps right now that I recommend most to clients.


Bumble Dating App Review – Is Bumble A Good Dating Site, Dating Sites For Singles? 

Bumble not only has a great female to male ratio of users on the site (making it the best dating site for men), there is a verification process that other apps do not have and that is in the photo verification process of the registration process.

Users must take a photo of themselves in the pose that is requested and user profiles are reviewed.

The other reason I like this dating app is that women no longer have to worry about getting messages from unwanted profiles. You decide which profiles you like and only those are allowed to match with you. If you don’t like a profile, they cannot message you.

The trade-off here is that women need to send the first message to matches to engage in conversation – additionally the window to do so before matches expire is 24 hours. Many women I know hate this part of the app but some like the control here.

Bumble Alternative Apps: Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, The League

Recommended Demographics: 27-45, bigger U.S. cities mostly for those seeking something long-term, college educated, graduate degrees.

For tips on photos, prompts, first messages and how to reply to messages, check out my Bumble blog posts.

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Hinge Dating App Review: What Is Hinge, How Is Hinge Different?

Hinge is perhaps my favorite dating app at the moment given it’s non-swipe focus (requires you to tap vs swipe) but also because of the quality of users.

This dating app requires 6 photos which is great at eliminating profiles without enough photos and also provides excellent prompt possibilities facilitating conversations.

The biggest con about this dating app is that it is extremely buggy. There is a lot of confusion on whether likes and messages were sent and received as well as profiles appearing too much or if they ever will again if you accidentally mark no.

The other complaint is with profile bans and creating new accounts or using different login methods. If you lose phones, use a phone number you don’t have access to, have different info on Facebook than is actually true, your account might be flagged.

Also, if you try to re-create your account too often in an attempt to game the system so your new profile is shown to more people, your profile can be banned or at least penalized and shown to fewer users possibly.

Don’t be creepy, don’t try to game the system, don’t lie about yourself and don’t lose access to your phone, email or Facebook account and you will be ok.

Hinge Alternative Apps: Bumble, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel

Additional Reading: Best Hinge Prompts / Questions –

Recommended Demographics: 23-45, bigger for U.S. cities, mostly casual and long-term dating.

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Hinge Tips For Men, Women

Learn how to make a good Hinge profile, what prompts to use, what info to put in a profile, should you add photo prompts & photo captions, add IG to profile, send comments with likes, send roses?


Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App Review, Best Dating App For Asians

CMB is a great dating app for relationship focused users. It throttles the number of profiles shown and thus requires more review and time to analyze profiles before you. There are profiles served to you based on your demographics as well as search function as well.

The whole concept of beans and currency is confusing and a bit immature (as you can see in their strong demographics of millennials) but it is popular among 20 and 30 year olds in the U.S.

Recommended Demographics: 23-35, bigger U.S. cities. A strong Asian community of users is on this dating app, perhaps more than any other. App is arguably the best dating app for minorities. Focus is on serious relationships.

For additional tips and insight into CMB:

OkCupid Dating App Review – Alternative Lifestyle Dating Site, Dating Site For Gamers

OkCupid is one of the older kids on the block and sometimes overlooked.

It is still a solid app for introverts, quirky folks, gamers, introspective folks, artistic souls, pansexual, kink, bi, polyamorous individuals, open-relationships, throuples, shy people, people who lead alternative lifestyles, non-monogamous folks, non-mainstream (pop-culture) people and those who are a little more expressive than the character limits allow on sites like Tinder.

Recommended demographics: 22-40, looking for something casual, open-ended.

Okcupid Alternative apps: Feeld (Poly, Non-Monogamous) or Hinge (for LGBTQ)

Additional insight: Dating App Overview despite its current lawsuits and investigations is still popular among late 30s-60s year olds primarily because of its desktop option.

A paid subscription is required to read and send messages but at least you can browse all profiles at once and see if it’s worth spending time and money on.

Recommended demographics: 30-60, relationship focused.

For additional tips, advice using

The League Dating App Review: Dating App For Professionals

The League is a member-only dating app. Most people work in finance, tech, law, startup, advertising or other similar white collared fields. Many people have advanced degrees and are career-focused.

It’s not as superficial or self-absorbed as it used to be or as it appeared to be upon launch as it has greatly expanded beyond SF, LA & NYC into more secondary markets.

Recommended demographics: select cities where available, 27-45 age range.

The League Alternative Apps: Bumble, Hinge


Raya Dating App: What Is Raya? Does Raya Work? Raya App Review, Raya Reviews

The Tinder for famous (and no so famous) people has gathered quite the buzz in larger cities around the world. The app itself uses Instagram as a decision factor, so that couldn’t be more perfect.

With a focus on exclusivity, this invite-only app has broadened their branding for creative types. As recent as 2018, the app boasted 10,000 members across several cities according to a NYTimes interview.

Celebrity sightings on the app make the news rounds every so often with tabloids posting articles about profile sightings, message screenshots and more.

Many people don’t have direct insight into Raya given it’s low acceptance rate (8% as of 2018 according to the NYTimes). The profiles on Raya resemble those trying to get into a Vegas nightclub, those trying to crash movie award shows and C and D-list celebrities but it’s generally a filled with those with physical attributes (career and or looks).

The waitlist to get in mirrors those on Sunset and Melrose with 10x as many people waiting on the outside that are inside.

With a focus on privacy, Raya has more stringent rules for bans than do other apps. Common items like screenshots, discussing profiles and sharing messages can result in permanent bans.

Anyone can apply by first creating a profile but lack of Instagram followers and vouch from an existing member will render your application incomplete.


Tinder Dating App Review: Tinder vs Hinge vs Bumble

Tinder is mostly known for casual connections, tour guides, pen-pals, flirting, IG followers, sharing memes, witty banter, immature conversations and hookups but it is definitely quite possible to meet a quality person for serious relationships on Tinder.

In some remote areas or those that don’t embrace technology as much as SF or NYC, Tinder is the only app with traction among users. It’s also the most widely used app out there (based on accounts not necessarily on actual users).

Some people who are new to dating apps will find Tinder at the top of search results and won’t think twice. Yes, it can be inefficient and frustrating but you can definitely find diamonds in the rough that are bombarded by creeps and welcome a breath of fresh air. More info on Tinder here:

Tinder App Alternatives: Match, OkCupid, Hinge

New To Online Dating - Beginner Guide To Dating Apps

 New to dating apps? Confused whether to try matchmakers, date-me-docs, speed dating or stick to offline efforts? If you are recently single, divorced, new to dating or just frustrated, let's talk!

Best Dating Websites, Online Dating Reviews, Top Online Dating Sites

Other Dating Apps To Consider: Best Dating Apps For Serious Relationships

In addition to these apps listed above, there are several other apps worth considering. The League which requires a review process claims to have 25% of Jewish users on its platform. This is a great alternative to J-Date and J-Swipe.

–>The best Jewish dating apps:

Lumen is the latest dating app marketed at the 50+ crowds. It has gotten rave reviews but still a niche site and many users in their early 50s  still use the other apps above but worth checking out.

Farmers Only claims to have a 70% female demographic base on the site – you have to like that if you are a guy (most dating apps are made up of only 25-45% female users).


Top LGBT, Gay Dating Apps, Lesbian Sites, Bi-Sexual

My focus is on relationship focused individuals and those that are open about their intentions. With that said, apps like Grindr are geared toward hookups. Apps like Hinge are popular with Gay and Lesbian folks ever since Pete Buttiegieg found his husband on the app.

Sites like OkCupid are popular among folks seeking open relationships, non-monogamous relationships, individuals who are bi-sexual as well as more traditional exclusive relationships.

For more information on best dating apps for gay, queer, LGBTQ folks, check out my post on things to consider across each of the apps.


Which Dating Site, App Is Best For Serious Relationships?

There is no one best answer rather it is more dependent on you to analyze profiles, present yourself in a manner which reduces chances of unwanted attention and filter out people based on their photos, profiles, wardrobe, facial expressions, friends in photos, communication skills, date ideas.

With that said, Tinder is used for more casual relationships, hookups, tour guides, entertainment, banter etc. but that doesn’t mean you cannot find a significant other or spouse on the app.

Read this guide on how to identify red flags in dating profiles.


Which Dating App Has The Most Success? Highest Success Rate? 

The apps I recommend most to clients are Hinge, Bumble, CMB, Match, OkC, The League and sometimes Tinder. There is no correct answer.

It’s up to you to know what the demographics are for each app, have realistic expectations, and know how to read people and screen profiles. Dating apps are merely introductory tools – you don’t date online. You meet, talk, flirt and then date offline.


What Are The Best Free Dating Sites? Best Dating Sites For Men, Women, Comparison

Most dating sites are free but require a subscription or fee to send messages, use additional filters or view more profiles. You can have a good experience for free on apps like Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble without paying for extra bells and whistles.

Coffee Meets Bagel is free but you will run out of free options sooner than later. You will have a better ROI if you invest in yourself, your photos, app choice, bio, communication skills, wardrobe, lifestyle, education, personality than any additional fee from any dating app.

Bumble Profile Tips!

Learn how to make a good Bumble profile, what prompts to use, what to put in a profile (photos, interests, bios & more). Addit'l help w/ boosts, compliments, messages, best photo/photo order, Bumble premium & more.


Best Dating App For Attractive Singles, Best Dating Site For Attractive Men, Women

Just screen profiles. If you don’t see any, it’s like you and your profile and the algorithm thinks you are not attractive.


Virtual Dating Apps, Video Dates, FaceTime Dates & More

All apps are essentially virtual dating apps but more of the courting and getting to know you process is being done online.


Highest Rated Dating Sites, Highest Rating Dating Sites

App store reviews can be biased and third party sites can be skewed. Context is needed as app effectiveness depends on location, age, appearance, lifestyle, orientation, effort, realistic expectations and communication skills.


Sketchy Dating Apps & Website To Be Cautious Of

Any site or app that seems a little too specific should be approached with caution. Sites like AdultFriendFinder, ChristianMingle, MillionaireMatch, FarmersOnly, EliteSingles, SeekingArrangements are often associated with creepy and suspicious behavior.

Adult Friend Finder, Christian Mingle, Seeking Arrangement, Sugar Daddy, Elite Singles, Millionaire Match, Elite Singles, Seeking Arrangements, Farmers Only, Badoo, Sugar Momma Dating App, MeetMe may have decent or good ratings on app stores but those ratings can be bought easily.

Similarly apps like Clover that claim dates are as easy as ordering a pizza are super cringey. Do you want to order a date like a DoorDash meal?

Amazon Dating Review: It’s a fake site, parody.

eHarmony Dating Review, eHarmony Free Trial: It’s not worth it but if you are curious, eHarmony usually has a free trial weekend communication to try out. Typically around Labor Day Weekend. Follow their blog for past weekends and updates on upcoming weekends (you’ll need to fill out a profile first to get the most out of it since it takes time to fill out and get approved).

Green Singles automatically fixes radius searches to 300 miles. That is a red flag off the bat.

Adult Friend Finder data breach:

Elite Singles Reviews


Elite Singles Review, Eharmony Review 


OurTime Reviews, OurTime Dating Site Review

SingleSingles Reviews

Megapersonal Dating App: Don’t Use It.

FeToo Dating App: Dont’ Use It

Hud Dating App: Don’t Use It

Plus Size Dating Apps: Just look at profiles on main apps, don’t need separate apps

CitySweeties Dating App: Don’t Use It

Upward Dating App: Dating app for super religious Christians. For those that want to meet men like Mike Pence.

Dating Profile Critique, Review Services

App Choice, Photo Critique (Order, Captions), Bios, Prompts; Wardrobe, Hobbies, Grooming  Recommendations, Body Language, Facial Expressions, Lifestyle Choices (Men & Women).

Best Dating Apps For Men, Best Dating Sites For Men. What Dating App Should I Use

If you have great photos and are 27-50, Bumble is great. Bumble is a bit superficial and caters towards more professional crowds (tech, finance, law, doctors etc.) Otherwise, Hinge is the way to go. If you are an Asian/Indian male, try Coffee Meets Bagel as those have more people of color and easier to match with. 


Best Dating Apps For Women, Top Dating Sites For Women, Best Dating Sites For Women

Bumble is an obvious choice for some but it really depends on your lifestyle, location, age, what you seek and your comfort with making first moves. It could also be, OkCupid, Hinge or The League. Many women don’t like making the first move (Bumble). Some women get overwhelmed with likes and comments (Hinge).

In my coaching sessions, I go over pros and cons of each app and make customized recommendations after an exhaustive personal review.

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The Most Trusted Dating Apps, Safest Dating Sites, Top Dating Websites

Mostly Bumble, The League, Coffee Meets Bagel are at the top but there are a lot of time-wasters, people looking for hookups as well if you don’t know how to ID red flags.

Read more about online dating safety here.


Best Online Dating Apps: Best Dating App For Average Looking Guys

It can be Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, Match or Coffee Meets Bagel depending on your location, demographics, gender, orientation, lifestyle etc.


Online Dating Advice For Women

Screening Profiles, Why Don't Guys Reply, Low-Effort Messages, Overwhelmed w/ Matches, Signs He's Not Into You, What Your Dating Photos Signal, Coffee Dates, Lying About Age, 'No Hook-ups' In Profile & More


Dating App For Nerds, Best Dating App For Shy Guys, Dating App For Introverts

Given its quirky, independent user base, OkCupid might be your best bet. Read more about it here.


Dil Mil & Salams (formerly known as Minder aka Tinder for Muslims)

These niche apps can be hit or miss. Tread cautiously, but if you identify with 2nd generation plus communities, mainstream apps listed above might be more your jam.


Fetish Dating Sites, Best Fetish Dating Apps

Check out Fetlife.


Which Dating App Is Best For Beginners? Best Dating App To Start With? 

That depends on your age, orientation, location, lifestyle choices etc.

40 Plus Dating Sites, Dating Sites For Men Over 40, Best Over 40 Dating Sites

That will really depend on age, location, lifestyle choices etc. but it can be either The League, Bumble, Hinge,, OkCupid or even Tinder in some rural markets.


Best Dating Sites For Over 50, Best Dating Sites For Over 50, Best Dating Apps For Over 50

Apps like Hinge, Bumble, The League can start to thin out after 40, particularly 50. Sites like might be your best bet depending on your location. Read this guide on before signing up or paying for the service.


Best Casual Dating Apps, Dating Apps For Hookups

Any app can be used to meet people casually if you market yourself as such and know how to find like-minded people.


Conservative Dating App 

Check out this.


Best Dating Apps For Christians, Best Online Dating Sites For Christians

Don’t use niche apps, just use filters on the main apps like Match, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge and Bumble.


Dating Apps Without Facebook

Most apps don’t require Facebook to use them i.e. Hinge, Bumble, The League, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, and OkCupid.


Dating Apps With Incognito Mode

Bumble and Match.


ENM Dating Apps, Throuple Dating Apps, Polyamorous Dating Apps, Open Relationship

Some people use mainstream apps like Hinge or Bumble, some use Okcupid or Feeld but whatever app you use, be sure to be upfront about arrangement, intentions. Read more about ENM/Poly labels and dating apps here.


Dating App For Doctors, Best Dating Site For Physicians


Dating Apps That Don’t Need A Subscription

Most apps like Hinge, Tinder, Bumble don’t require them, they are optional.


Best Dating Sites For Professionals, Professional Dating Sites, Dating App For Educated Singles

Try Bumble or The League. 

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Best Dating Apps For Young Adults, Best Dating Sites For Young People

Ideally, young people should not use apps. It’s important to develop social skills and good communication skills in your early 20s. With that said, most people use CMB, Tinder, & Hinge but that doesn’t mean they are good. People should start using or relying on dating apps until mid but ideally late 20s.


Dating Apps Not Owned By Match, Independent Dating Sites

Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, The Lox


About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie is a dating coach for men & women in San Francisco (clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, & beyond ), as seen in the NYT & Bumble). He helps w/ profiles, photos, wardrobe, messaging, date ideas, red flags, lifestyle choices, hobbies, grooming/hygiene, communication, social skills & offline efforts.