OkCupid Dating App Review: How Does OkCupid Work? Is OkCupid Free? Is It A Good Dating Site? Is It Worth It? Dating App For Nerds, Gamers, Introverts & Shy People

OkCupid Review: What is OkCupid? Is OkCupid A Good Dating Site? Alternative Dating Sites, Alternative Dating Apps

OkCupid is one of the older dating sites out on the market. It (along with Match.com and Plenty of Fish) were the early sites of internet dating.

Over the past several years, many users have fled the app for newer, more popular apps out on the market, but despite the exodus, it is still a good alternative for many depending on lifestyle, age and orientation.

It’s a dating app that caters towards more quirky, artistic types aka non-mainstream types you might see on The League, Bumble etc. It’s also a good dating site for LGBTQ individuals.

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Okcupid Dating Site: Is OkCupid Free? OkCupid Cost, Price? 

Yes, OkCupid is a free site at the core but there are some paid features that enable extra functionality.

Unlike Match.com, one can use the site effectively without having to pay for a subscription to send/read messages. Paid features allow you to see who has liked you or see answers to questions other people have answered on their profile.

OkCupid: Dating Site For Everyone

OkCupid features a robust set of options for users to select sexual orientations and gender identities. It allows users to carefully select and filter profiles based on their preferences.

If you are in an open relationship, LGBTQ, non-monogamous, looking to add a third wheel, are into kink or bdsm, are a member of furry nation or are generally a quirky individual, OkCupid is the dating site for you.

OkCupid Demographics

OkCupid is popular for users in their early 20s to late 30s/early 40s. It’s also has a solid showing for late 40s to mid-50s in the LGBTQ communities.

OkCupid Algorithm

OkCupid suggests profiles based on attractiveness measures. How desirable and how often people take action on a profile relative to others. People claim to get stuck with less attractive profiles quite often. To break the cycle, improve photos, answers and bio or pay to upgrade.

What Do The Colors Mean On OkCupid?

There are colored circles attached to profiles on OkCupid. Yellow circles mean mutual match, once messaged the yellow circles turn blue.

Match % – How Is It Calculated

It’s a combination of demographics, answers to questions and what users are seeking.

How Does OkCupid Work? Is OkCupid Free To Message? Do You Have To Pay For Okcupid?

Okcupid requires you to fill out a dating profile but answer many questions instead of shorter dating profiles and prompts as seen with apps like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble. Okcupid is free to use but paid users can see how others answered questions and can see who likes them,

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Full Profiles on OkCupid

Once a user messages a person on OkCupid, that person is then able to see the full profile. A like is needed first in order to be able to send a message to a user.

OkCupid DoubleTake – What is It?

This is a channel on the platform that displays profiles to users one-off. It essentially took over the Discovery section of OkCupid.

OkCupid Profile Photo Rules, Profile Tips

All photos in a profile must show a face. No photos of a sunset only or pet only. This rule should be adopted by all dating sites and apps. Profile essays can have other types of photos though.

If in a non-monogamy relationship, only one person per profile is allowed but one can link their other partners profile to his/her own profile.

Photos that are unacceptable are photos of kids alone, photos with contact info and photos that contain nudity or are of sexual nature.

OkCupid A-List Basic, Premium (OkCupid A List)

A-List account allows certain features i.e. ability to see who has liked you. Read receipts are a popular feature of A List accounts on OkCupid (they can be purchased without an A-List subscription in packs of 1, 5 and 20).

Other benefits of A-List are advanced filters, unlimited likes, no ads, and ability to unlock all the intros received at once vs waiting one by one. Premium also allows users to see how others answered questions.

OkCupid Payment


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OkCupid Boosts

This feature allows one to boost their profile for increased visibility. Before considering this option, invest in your photos, bio, answers first (better ROI).

OkCupid Incognito Mode

This feature allows users to maintain hidden profiles until the like or message another user.

Linking Instagram Accounts To OkCupid

Instagram accounts are a great way to see how one spends their time. Adding too many pictures to a profile doesn’t make sense so just sync IG to a dating profile instead.

Is OkCupid For Serious Relationships?

OkCupid is more of a casual dating site. It’s possible to find a long-term partner anywhere, but you might be better off using another dating app depending on your age, lifestyle, orientation etc. OkCupid is popular for people with creative, non-mainstream lifestyles. It’s also popular for LGBTQ, polyamorous folks.

OkCupid Self Summary Tips For Guys, Girls: What Should I Write In My OkCupid Bio?

Writing about oneself is tough. Being succinct, insightful, genuine and honest is key. For tips on how to write about yourself, read this guide.

OkCupid Profile Prompts, Questions List

Way too many to list out but some of the most common, answered questions include….

  • On a typical Friday night I am…
  • This is the saddest song ever written:
  • For our first date, let’s…
  • I’d like to be known for my…

You can only view the answers from users from questions both of you have answered. To change your answers on OkCupid, select re-answer by tapping the question.

For Tips On The Most Answered and Most Skipped Questions on OkCupid, check out their post.

Who Can See My Profile On OkCupid?

Anyone logged in can see your profile but assume anything on the internet can be seen by anyone.

How Can I See What My OkCupid Profile Looks Like?

Click settings (upper right-hand corner).
Click ‘My Profile’ from drop-down menu.
Click ‘How will others see my profile?’

My recommendations for best dating apps based on demographics, age, orientation and more.

New To Online Dating - Beginner's Guide To Dating Apps

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Great for those who are recently single, divorced, never used dating apps or are busy folks looking to meet people more efficiently.

Is OkCupid Discovery Gone?

It essential was replaced by Double Take. I am not a fan of the move and can see more people leaving the app as a result.

Is OkCupid A Hookup App? Is OkCupid For Dating, Serious Relationships?

Like all dating apps, they are introduction apps. It’s not quite as forward as Grindr but it people will use it to hookup if you don’t know how to be patient, screen profiles, read people etc.

Generally people are looking to date, meet others possibly for relationships but it’s up to you to use good judgment rather than rush into things.

Can You Browse OkCupid Without Signing Up?


How To Share OkCupid Profile

OkCupid doesn’t allow non-registered users to browse nor view profiles. You will need to print to screen, save the page as an html file to share with others.

Dating App For Nerds, Best App For Nerds, Geeks & Gamers

Okcupid, given its independent user base, is often seen as a good alternative to major apps. It’s not uncommon for nerds to gravitate towards apps like Okcupid that are a bit more quirky.

Ok Cupid Sign In, Ok Cupid Login, Okcupid Login


Match vs OkCupid, Match.com vs OkCupid

Match is a more mainstream version of Okcupid with a focus on more heterosexual crowds (mostly late 30 to early 60 crowds).

Best Dating App For Shy Guys, Dating Apps For Artists

OkCupid might be your best bet but understand shy girls will be targeted by outgoing, charming guys so if you are too shy, no app will help you. You have to be somewhat outgoing and put yourself out there.

How To Cancel OkCupid Subscription

Contact customer support below.

How To Search On OkCupid, How To Search For User On OkCupid, How To Search By Username On OkCupid

Obtain the user name and plug it into the url: okcupid.com/profile/username

(replace username with the username in question)

On mobile, you will have to select desktop mode so you don’t get the mobile redirect.

Non-Monogamy On Okcupid, Open-Relationships On Okcupid, Is Okcupid Poly Friendly?

Okcupid is one of the more progressive dating sites out there and lots of people who are in the poly community use it.

OkCupid Support, Customer Service Info, Help Line, OkCupid Customer Support, Ok Cupid Dating

OkCupid FAQ’s and Customer Support Line (phone numbers, email etc.)

OkCupid vs Match, OkCupid vs Bumble, OkCupid vs Hinge, OkCupid vs Tinder, OkCupid vs Other Dating Sites

Okcupid is more quirky, alternative and non-monogamous while Match is more mainstream. Bumble is even vanilla, cliche than Okcupid. It’s certainly less blue-collar than Okcupid and Match.

Okcupid Questions

Okcupid questions coming soon.

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