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Dating apps are everywhere these days. Ask around or download one yourself, and you will likely see someone you know on the apps including parents, siblings, teachers, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, your partner/spouse, your ex or even your own religious head.

Most people are familiar with the mainstream apps likes Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Match, OkCupid but not everyone has had success on these or any apps. Each app has a lot of overlapping users, but each app has its own distinct demographics that favor attributes like age, ethnicity, intentions and more.

There are also many niche apps out there, but this one takes the cake. There are apps based on gender, race, orientation, polyamorous preferences, height (I see you Short Kings Dating App – RIP), religion, ethnicity, and lifestyle, but now there is one based on politics.

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What Is The Right Stuff Dating App? The Right Stuff Dating Website – The Right Stuff App, Right Wing Dating App, Republican Dating App, Conservative Dating App, Trump Dating Site

It’s a dating app for politically conservative individuals, created by 3 former Trump officials and funded by Peter Thiel. Not to be confused by The Right Stuff neo-nazi, conspiracy theory website.


Is The Right Stuff Dating App Real? The Right Stuff Dating Website, Commercial, Ad, Video, Launch Date, Release Date

It is in that it exists (launched September 30), and there is an app for it, but not in the sense that anyone takes it seriously, including some Republicans. It is currently available on Apple but not for Android. Apparently, it’s popular among FBI agents.

The Right Stuff Dating Website, Download Page: 


Is The Right Stuff Dating App Worth Using, Trying?

Like all new dating apps, these platforms try to boost downloads and user counts, so they will be generous with registration requirements. As such, these conditions make it ripe for scamming and trolling. Don’t expect many users on the app to make it worthwhile. Most women will likely stick with Hinge, Bumble,, Tinder for the indefinite future.

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The Right Stuff Dating App Prompts, The Right Stuff Profile Prompts, The Right Stuff Profile Questions, The Right Stuff Dating Profile Example

Like most modern dating apps, The Right Stuff copied Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel and Bumble’s prompt features. Some prompts include:

-Jan 6th was…

-My favorite liberal lie is…

-Do you agree or disagree that…

-I’m weirdly attracted to…

-If loving this is wrong, I don’t want to be right…

-Most underrated movie…

-Most overrated athlete of all-time…

-A random fact that I love about America is… 

-A shower thought that I recently had…

-Biggest risk I’ve ever taken…

-Change my mind about…

-Fact about me that surprises people…

-The perfect Sunday…

-The science is settle on… 

-My best dad joke…

-Teach me something about… 

-One thing I’ll never do again…

-Never have I ever…

-My IQ is…

-My most controversial opinion is…

-My most irrational fear…

-My simple pleasures…

-Alexa, change the…

-A quick rant about…

-My favorite bible verse…

-My favorite conservative pundit…

-My favorite safe word (not actually a prompt but maybe in the next release?)

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The Right Stuff Dating App Alternatives

Learn to use filters and understand things like preferences and deal-breakers on mainstream apps. Just because you might be open to dating someone who is apolitical or liberal, doesn’t mean they are. Just filter users based on politics.

Not having luck? Maybe because your photos are terrible, you are swiping outside your league, live in the middle of nowhere like Buttfucksville Alabama, are out of shape, have no interesting hobbies or are shorter, less educated or less driven in life than the people you are swiping right on. 

In case you are not aware, there are fewer women than men on dating apps, so you will need to try harder to have any sort of success on dating apps. If you are going on dates and getting dumped as soon as you tell someone your political leaning, take a hint. Stop being a wimp and stop hiding your politics. It’s better to be out in the open so you can avoid false-positives with matches.

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The Right Stuff Dating App Invite

Currently, the dating app is by invite only. You can create a profile but won’t see other profiles until you are approved. 


The Right Stuff Dating App Demographics

Seems like mostly guys at this point. 

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The Right Stuff Dating App Reviews

Why Is Online Dating So Hard For Guys

Did you see the gender ratios above? Guys are outnumbered at least 2:1 on dating apps (if not more). Similarly, guys’ profiles, writing, facial expressions, grooming, wardrobe, posture, and messages are pretty cringy. Most guys I work with have no idea what they are doing. Just because it takes 5 minutes to create a dating profile doesn’t mean you are ready to date.

These days, women are outpacing men with advanced degrees. Women have their pick of men and don’t have to rely on them as much as before. If you want to prioritize meeting someone, you need to work on yourself, be patient, get help with your dating efforts, profiles, appearance and communication skills.

Most dating apps favor those in larger cities because of density and engagement levels. If you live in the middle of nowhere, there are likely not enough people on apps in your area. 

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