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When it comes to dating apps, many men deploy the volume approach whereby they use as many apps, send as many likes and see what they can attract. The problem with this effort is that it can destroy confidence, force you to lose track of matches and miss out on dates and it can reduce your visibility on apps that penalize you for swiping right too much.

Rather than create a new dating profile on yet another app, it’s best to first review your dating profile and optimize it so that you be certain it’s the app and not you that is holding you back. Once your profile is good to go, you can then try out a few apps and see what works best – yes, some apps are better for certain demographics and people than others.

The best dating site and app will depend on a variety of factors including age, location, height, education, lifestyle choices, race, hobbies and interest. Yes, you will encounter similar profiles across apps but the order (algorithm) is different for each app. Similarly, some apps limit your ability to make a good first impression, while others are more likely to display your profile longer in front of others.

Below is an overview of apps guys tend to use as well as the pros and cons of each from a male perspective that you should consider to optimize views, likes and matches.

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Tinder App – Is Tinder Worth It For Guys? 

Tinder is often the first app guys try out when deciding to give dating apps a try. Tinder is positioned as having the most profiles of any dating app out there.

Tinder boasts downloads over uses because many guys download, delete and often re-create profiles. Some do it to get the benefits of a new user boost, while others create new accounts after getting banned for sketchy behavior, harassment, stalking and the like.

Tinder’s tagline is: “Tinder | Dating, Make Friends & Meet New People” which means not everyone is looking to date or even meet up. People on Tinder use it for tour guides, pen pals, scams, Instagram followers, OnlyFans subscriptions, sell business services, hookups and more. It is rather inefficient as you can’t tell what someone’s intentions are nor can you verify locations.

While many guys on the app are desperate and looking to hookup, you can occasionally find quality women looking for a relationship on there given that in many parts of the world, there are not better dating app options out there. Most apps listed below are used in larger cities and surrounding areas and lack users in smaller, more remote parts of the world.

Tinder can be addictive and exciting new toy but for many who are looking for something serious, it can be a waste of time and money as most people fall prey to monetization efforts.

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What Dating App Do Men Use Most?

Most widely used dating app by men is likely Tinder but that doesn’t mean anything nor does it mean it is good or worth your time. Most men just want to have sex or have a woman touch their penis for the first time.  Besides, why would you want to use the app with the most competition and fewest number of women on the app?

Tinder Meme

Best Dating Sites For Men, Is Bumble Or Hinge Better For Guys?

Bumble not only has a great female to male ratio of users on the site (making it the best dating site for men), there is a verification process that other apps do not have and that is in the photo verification process of the registration process. 

Bumble also has a bio field that Hinge does not. The prompts on Hinge can be a bit immature, stupid making it harder to be serious or show intention on the apps. Since women are forced to message first on the app, guys can spend more time swiping and less time messaging women who may or may not message them at all.

Bumble tends to feature more attractive women, and the algorithm is more likely to have more volatility over who it shows you. Hinge can show you rather unattractive women for long stretches of time (just Google ‘Hinge fat’ or ‘Hinge obese’ to see what I mean).

Bumble is a bit more superficial and more likely to have women post their IG handles to avoid having to message guys first and also make it harder to assess if they are looking to date or if they are seeking attention on social media.

Bumble Alternative Apps: Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, The League

Recommended Demographics: 27-55, bigger U.S. cities mostly for those seeking something long-term, college educated, graduate degrees.

For tips on photos, prompts, first messages and how to reply to messages, check out my Bumble blog posts.

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Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App Review, Best Dating App For Asian Men, Indian Men

CMB is a great dating app for relationship-focused users. It throttles the number of profiles shown and thus requires more review and time to analyze profiles before you. There are profiles served to you based on your demographics as well as preferences.

Other apps are more superficial as many women pay to swipe quickly. With CMB you can fill out a more thoughtful profile and focus your efforts on women who are more serious about dating than on other apps.

The whole concept of beans and currency is confusing and a bit immature (as you can see in their strong demographics of millennials) but it is popular among 20 and 30 year olds in the U.S in major U.S. cities. 

Recommended Demographics: 23-35, bigger U.S. cities. A strong Asian community of users is on this dating app, perhaps more than any other. App is arguably the best dating app for minorities. Focus is on serious relationships.

For additional tips and insight into CMB:


Is Hinge A Good App For Guys? Is Hinge The Best Dating App For Men?

Hinge is perhaps my favorite dating app at the moment given it’s non-swipe focus (requires you to tap vs swipe) but also because of the quality of users relative to apps like Tinder.

This dating app requires 6 photos which is great at eliminating profiles without enough photos and also provides excellent prompt possibilities facilitating conversations. Unlike Bumble, Hinge requires you to fill out your prompts which makes it less likely you will encounter empty profiles like on Bumble.

The biggest advantage of Hinge over Bumble is that guys can send comments with likes which can separate yourself from the competition. Matches on Bumble don’t always message, and that can be frustrating for many guys.

The biggest con about this dating app is that it is extremely buggy. There is a lot of confusion on whether likes and messages were sent and received as well as profiles appearing too much or if they ever will again if you accidentally mark no. Things have improved technically but over time, Hinge has moved preferences and functionality beyond the paywall making the free version less useful over time.

The other complaint is with profile bans and creating new accounts or using different login methods. If you lose phones, use a phone number you don’t have access to, have different info on Facebook than is actually true, your account might be flagged. If you try to re-create your account too often in an attempt to game the system so your new profile is shown to more people, your profile can be banned or at least penalized and shown to fewer users possibly.

Hinge’s algorithm is the most biased out there in that the less interesting, attractive you are, the less likely you will be shown to others. Hinge penalizes users with poor swiping etiquette.

Don’t be creepy, don’t try to game the system, don’t lie about yourself and don’t lose access to your phone, email or Facebook account and you will be ok.

Hinge Alternative Apps: Bumble, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel

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Recommended Demographics: 23-50, bigger for U.S. cities, mostly casual and long-term dating.


Is OkCupid Any Good? Is OkCupid Good For Guys?

OkCupid is a dinosaur in the app space but despite losing members over the years, it has carved out a niche from other apps. Hinge, Bumble tend to draw similar superficial crowds that can feel a bit vain, cliche.

OkCupid tends to attract more introverts, quirky folks, gamers, and independent lifestyles. While the U/I can be a bit annoying, it can be worthwhile for those in large cities and areas.


Dating Apps For Average Guys, Best Dating Apps For Men

There isn’t any. Tinder, Okcupid, POF might work here and there but no one wants average. Average on dating sites is rather pathetic. Average on dating apps is no effort, indifferent, intense photos, bad grammar and not taking things too seriously.

The bar to be above average is rather low. It’s not that hard if you are self-aware, get some help, seek advice, are focused and are patient. Dating apps are not for everyone and if they don’t work for you, get off the apps and focus offline. 

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