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If you are thinking about using It’s Just Lunch, please read this first. As someone who has consulted people on dating services (which apps to use, dating apps vs matchmakers, etc) I can tell not all services are as they appear. 

The NYT interviewed me about the discrepancy around matchmaker ratings, dissatisfaction and why people use them.

I will write more about the service shortly but in the meantime, check out some It’s Just Lunch reviews and It’s Just Lunch complaints below. It’s important to understand It’s Just Lunch is a franchise company.

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What Is It’s Just Lunch? It’s Just Lunch Review, It’s Just Lunch Cost

It’s Just Lunch (IJL) is a matchmaking service with franchises across the United States.

It runs radio ads and runs on ads on other sites (see list of options below). One source stands out as being featured regularly by John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight – can you guess which one?

Clients pay a monthly fee to get blind dates based on feedback to their matchmaker.

It shouldn’t be assumed that your dates are taller than you (if you are a woman), don’t have kids, are the same religion or political background or live in the same city as you.

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How Much Is It’s Just Lunch? How Much Does It’s Just Lunch Cost? 

The cost for It’s Just Lunch varies across cities and other factors, but can be around $3,000 for about a dozen dates. Similarly, the cost for It’s Just Lunch can increase with extra services beyond the base offering. Be sure to read about all the possible costs and service before signing up with It’s Just Lunch.


Is It’s Just Lunch Worth It? It’s Just Lunch Dating Service – It’s Just Lunch Review

Often times it is not. Don’t assume everyone you go on a date with is a paid member. Ask your date this question. Ask about their free membership.

Dates may or may not be what you expect. You don’t get much information about them ahead of time. They could be much older or younger, live farther away, have kids, or may not match your religion, education, politics, or other major deal-breaker. Always ask questions. Never assume anything.

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It’s Just Lunch Glassdoor Reviews From Employees; It’s Just Lunch Reviews

“Matchmaking” was a joke, we basically just paired everyone who was around the same age together. The work was too stressful and personal to only be paid minimum wage. Not sure how sustainable a matchmaking service is now that everyone just uses dating apps. -Glassdoor


#1 World’s Personalized Matchmaking Service?

According to who? Doesn’t seem like that on the hundreds of reviews below.


It’s Just Lunch Lawsuit 

You can read more about the It’s Just Lunch lawsuit here:


It’s Just Lunch Refund Info, It’s Just Lunch Cancellation Policy, It’s Just Lunch Phone Number  


It’s Just Lunch vs Tawkify

It’s Just Lunch vs Tawkify

It's Just Lunch Matchmaking Service - Review

It’s Just Lunch Complaints, It’s Just Lunch Horror Stories, It’s Just Lunch Yelp Reviews

It’s Just Lunch is not much better. See the reviews below. At least their reviews are easier to find.

It’s Just Lunch LA Reviews: 

It’s Just Lunch San Francisco Reviews:

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It’s Just Lunch Class Action Lawsuit, It’s Just Lunch Legit?

Pretty eye-opening segment highlighting allegations against the company from the attorney who filed a class action lawsuit and won. 


It’s Just Lunch Reddit, It’s Just Lunch Success Rate, It’s Just Lunch Success Stories


It’s Just Lunch BBB Reviews

It’s Just Lunch Better Business Bureau Reviews


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