Signs He Is Not That Into You: How To Tell If He Is Boyfriend Material, Husband Material. Is The Guy You Met Online Serious About You

It’s very tempting to jump into the deep end and immerse yourself with dating apps or dating in general. It’s easy to focus on superficial items like looks, height, education and career and go with the flow, but one shouldn’t assume a guy is on the same page as you or that he will change. Failing to qualify a guy beyond the resume-type characteristics is something that happens to often in relationships.

Dating Advice For Women: How To Navigate The Dating World Successfully

A number of women are fine taking things as they are, enjoying the honeymoon stages of dating, but are a bit hesitant to ask the tough questions or confront a partner about difficult conversations that could jeopardize relationships. While it’s great when relationships happen organically and two people are in sync, it rarely happens this easily and sometime involves more work than what your friends tend to suggest. 

There is no perfect formula nor fool-proof method to determine if a relationship will work or if the guy is as genuine as he implies or suggests he is, but there are some ways you can start to determine if things are heading down the right path. Being a passenger in your life can sometimes mean going in a direction you are not happy with or stalling indefinitely with no destination in sight.


One-Sided Conversations, Doesn’t Match Responsiveness, Doesn’t Initiate Messages

The classic excuse a guy gives for not wanting to text or call is that he doesn’t like doing so and would rather meet in person. That is fine but use that as a possible red flag while dating. Texting is not about being crafty or witty as it is being timely, thoughtful, honest and candid. Only messaging when it’s a reply to something you started or failing to ask questions that aim to know you better are signs he is looking for something more superficial or is just lazy.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Most guys talk to more than one girl at a time, so should women. Don’t chase guys that don’t make an effort to prioritize you. It’s your job to seduce as it is his job to chase if you believe in those social norms. Similarly, if you fail to make the first move, you are subjecting yourself to being a passenger in your life. Guys like women who take the lead sometimes but be careful not to do it all the time.


Ambivalence, Indecisiveness, Goes With The Flow

Some guys are just drifters in life. They don’t have drive, don’t care for much about date ideas, what to do on the weekend, can’t make up their mind about what to order. There is nothing wrong with that but if that is a sticking point for you, learn to identify this behavior early on. It’s ok to be open to ideas but one should be enthusiastic about experiencing something new with you rather than always letting you take the lead for dates, plans.


Signs He’s Just Not That Into You: He Doesn’t Prioritize You, Doesn’t Make Plans

If he continually makes plans last minute or is unable to plan dates with you in advance, take note. You shouldn’t put your life on hold for someone you just started dating. Yes, you should try to make an effort for someone you like but don’t always be so open, available. Continue to live your life – make plans with friends, keep up with work connections, exercise, make time for family etc. but don’t put your life on hold waiting to see if/when he is available to hang out with you.

If he is interested, he will make time for you and make it known even if it’s a short date, meeting you at your lunch break or just dropping off something just to see you, he will make the effort if he is interested. If he throws a fit because you can’t spend the night or you can’t stay out late because of plans the next morning, take note.


Dates Are Superficial, Often Physical, Lack Substance, Depth

Physical touch and sexual compatibility is key in relationships but if most of your dates are more physical in nature rather than substantive, this could be a red flag in a relationship. Relationships require growth, connections, experiences and time to get to know each other. People learn the most about each other over meals, travel, living together and difficult situations.

If your whole focus is on fun, IG-worthy dates that is perfectly fine but you are depriving yourself of learning more about the guy you are dating and finding out if he is husband material, father material or capable of personal growth.


Keep Parts Of His Life Separate From You, Changes Subject Often

If you are dating someone who lives far away, travels often for work or is unavailable for large periods of time, take note. While it might be nice to have space and time for yourself, it could be sighs of red flags while dating. Some guys use distance and busy lifestyles to avoid commitment or hide other parts of their lives from you.

Reluctance to go out on dates in public, meets friends and family, take photos together, post on social media or be vague about life, plans, or people he hangs around with could be a sign of infidelity. Someone who is unable to be open about how they spend their time or lacks details into their lives can be trying to hide something from you. Part-time relationships are easy, convenient but often lack room for growth as these are mostly filled with physical, intense moments and lack time and substance to get to know someone intimately.


Assuming Too Much Of The Person You Are Dating, Not Wanting The Same Things As You

Just because the person you are dating wants exclusivity right away, took you on a destination vacation early on, is introducing you to friends doesn’t mean they want to settle down, get married or have kids. These are great signs but one shouldn’t imply much of acts like they that don’t require much consideration. Money or public displays of affection often times don’t require much effort or commitment.

Sometimes it’s the little things like remembering details, coordinating birthday plans with your friends, asking about your family, being willing to spend time with your niece and nephew or willing to give up a day of watching college football to show some effort beyond a quick trip purchase or weekend getaway. Discussing plans, priorities, aspirations or even simple things like if he is looking to stay in the current location indefinitely or long-term can signal other plans.

Similarly, maybe the person can’t have kids or loves kids but doesn’t want them or is prioritizing a career rather than a relationship or family-planning. Sometimes signals can be confusing even without any deception, so it’s important to be clear with your intention and plans rather than assume all the early signs point to the same end goal you have in mind.


Hoping He Will Change, Not Ending Things Soon Enough, Sunk Costs

Investing years of your life in a relationship can take an emotional toll and create feelings of chemistry, intent and compatibility and shared priorities, but time spent is not always a good proxy for future success, commitment. Some guys will go with the flow indefinitely or get too comfortable as is in a relationship. Before you know it 2, 5, 10 years will pass and things are exactly as they are when you first started dating. That is fine for some but may not be for you.

Hoping a guy will change because he is deeply in love with you is a bad expectation to have as the two are not always compatible. It’s quite possible a guy is madly in love with you and does all the right things but merely doesn’t want to get married, nor move in together, nor have kids nor want to progress in any sort of way. There is nothing wrong with that unless the person has stated otherwise or fails to follow up on promises.

The thought of being single again for some women is sometimes less desirable than staying with someone who is wrong for you. This could be driven by financial dependency (getting use to a lifestyle is above your means on your own) or social dependency (all your friends are from his friends). This could be accidental, unintentional or could be a manipulation tactic with years of crafting.


Telling You What You Want To Hear

Some guys will say anything to a woman to avoid confrontation, let down her guard, or build trust. If you are on a timeline for having a relationship, having a kid or getting married, it’s important to keep on that timeline rather than let things slide. Yes, it takes two to tango, but unfortunately some guys may not be as urgent as you for progressing in relationships.

It’s not uncommon for goals to be postponed for careers, salary targets or other ever-changing things in life. It’s not so much what happens in life that dictates if relationships will succeed but more so how people respond. Not so much with apologies but with plans, actions and continual preparation to achieve those goals.

A guy’s priorities, interests or objectives can change with certain milestones including first time sleeping together, first time traveling abroad, first time meeting in-laws, meeting friends, discussing long-term plans or getting a promotion or being fired from a job. Difficult situations and conversations are a good way of getting a good read on someone as opposed to listening to what they want to say on their terms or when you are in a good mood, happy place.


Final Thoughts

Actions speak louder than words, but even actions are confusing. People have a right to change their minds and change priorities so it’s important to check in every so often to make sure people are on the same timeline as you. Making assumptions or not have deep conversations can allow for relationships to drift apart.

Communication is key in relationships and love is hard. You can’t approach it like an engineer and reverse-engineer a timeline that is precise. Life happens and it’s important to be honest with yourself and not become a passenger in your own life.


Dating Tips And Coaching For Women: How To Successfully Navigate The Dating World

Most women have enough good photos but fail to use their best photos or use photos that are too polished, filtered, photoshopped or fail to convey vulnerability. In addition to poor photo choices, lazy profiles, bios and introductory lines are a common theme I see as well. The other biggest hurdle I see is a failure to screen profiles effectively, read people, be selective and ID red flags and manipulative traits in guys.

In my coaching services, I work with women to unlock these and other roadblocks that get in the way of meeting quality people, being ready to be open and vulnerable and knowing how to ID red flags and cut things off more quickly. Don’t rely on biased feedback and advice from friends who look different than you and have different lifestlyes and preferences than you. Contact me today for a consultation.

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