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Dating apps utilize algorithms to determine who to show you. These models take into consideration things like location, preferences and intentions like keeping people on the apps and keeping them engaged enough to not delete the app.

To do this, dating apps will vary the profiles shown, and in some cases, it might boost a profile to keep them from leaving the app. This is sometimes down right before cancellation, after a reduction in usage, or upon an expiring credit card on file.


What Does Best Bee Mean On Bumble? Bumble Best Bees Meaning?

Bumble ‘Best Bees’ is a new feature within Bumble that creates a separate queue of users to sift through within the app. The way it works is that you have to click the diamond tab at the bottom of the app (2nd from the left) and it will bring up users who are ‘best bees’. Bumble best bees is described as a most compatible feature (similar to Hinge’s most compatible feature).

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What Is Bumble Best Bees? Best Bees Bumble App, What Does Best Bees Mean On Bumble?

Bumble describes the users as ‘super compatible people’. Given that I have a fake account on the app with nonsensical information and contradicting answers, the people served up make absolutely no sense and one should be cautious when spending any extra time, money or effort on these folks.

Bumble bases these accounts based on preferences and past matches. If you are the type to swipe right on everyone/most profiles (like many men do), then these will be a waste of time for you.

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How Often Do Bumble Best Bees Appear, When Do Bumble Best Bees Refresh? 

Bumble best bees are generated daily and are located in your best bee tab (diamond tab).

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What Happens When You Like A Best Bee On Bumble?

Nothing different from than if the person was not a best bee.

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If Someone Is My Best Bee Am I Theirs? Are Best Bees Mutual On Bumble?

Likely not. Anything is possible including winning the lottery.

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Why Can’t I See Best Bees On Bumble? Bumble Best Bees Missing On Bumble?

If you can see any best bees, that means you likely failed the first prerequisite, which is you need to have at least one match to be served a best bee. Those that never have had a match before, won’t get to have any best bees to review. Similarly, best bees is a feature not available in all areas.

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How To Like Best Bees on Bumble?  

Users are given 1 free like a week to like specifically profiles in the best bees queue. Likes do not roll over if not used in a given week.

If you want to send more likes, you have to upgrade to Bumble Premium.

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Does Bumble Best Bees Mean I Am Ugly? Bumble Best Bees Ugly? Bumble Best Bees Are Terrible

No, not necessarily. If you are rely on apps to judge your own self-worth, you shouldn’t be using apps in the first place?

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Bumble Best Bees & Incognito Mode 

If you are using Incognito Mode on Bumble, you won’t appear on best bees for other users. 

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Update: Bumble Best Bees vs Trending

Bumble best bees are recommended profiles for you while trending profiles are more generic profiles that are popular to the masses.

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