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As an online dating profile consultant, I have spent years helping folks (here in the San Francisco Bay Area), across the country (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City) and internationally with their dating profile, app choice, bio, photo, messaging techniques and appearance makeovers.

I am often the first person people show their dating profiles with. As such, there are still plenty of people out there getting bad advice from the internet and friends who are biased and unwilling to be brutally honest.

Photofeeler is a popular tool among tech folks and engineers seeking to hack their way to better profiles as it quantifies photos making it easier to remove subjectivity and qualitative aspects that are hard to analyze and give immediate photo feedback to users.

Scroll down to get tips on how to get better photos from how to take your own photos, what to wear, should you look at the camera and more.

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Photofeeler Review – Scores, Votes, Examples, Dating Photo Analyzer

As a dating profile expert, I provide guidance on realistic expectations based on your demographics, and opportunities for improvement and highlight the areas for improvement to minimize self-sabotage.

A recent trend I have noticed is putting too much weight and effort into getting the best scores on rating sites like Photofeeler.

Unlike professional headshots, dating photos have a different look and feel to them and signal different things based on app choice, answers to prompt, profile completeness, answers to prompts and messages sent.

They should be candid, natural, imperfect, slightly grainy, self-deprecating, warm, approachable, and slightly vulnerable.

Before you update and optimize your dating profile and photos or begin taking new photos, read this review on Photofeeler so you are aware of its limitations and biases. Having context beyond raw scores is necessary to understand impact on your online dating efforts.

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What is Photofeeler? How Does It Work? Is Photofeeler Free? Cost? Is Photofeeler Legit?

Photofeeler is a tool that allow you to receive a score and some limited feedback on your photos primarily for dating apps, business professional purposes i.e. LinkedIn or social media.

The service is free but in order for your profile to be shown to others and receive feedback, you have to provide votes and feedback as well to other profiles, photos (aka karma points) or pay for credits.

For Roast.Dating review, read this.


The more you do so, the more feedback you receive (karma credits). Users select the outlet for photos (business photos, dating photos or social media photos) and wait for the results to come in. If you want to accelerate the process or don’t want to rate people you can buy credits.

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Photofeeler Privacy Concerns, Is Photofeeler Legit? Online Dating Photo Rater

Although photos will not show up on Google Search results, that doesn’t mean people cannot save or screenshot photos. Anything you put up on the internet is subject to being stolen, misused or saved. Photofeeler only measures looks with respect to photos and not actual appearances.

Many attractive people take bad photos and many not so attractive people can take good photos. It’s important to understand the context of photos and the nuances of how photos are taken and when.

After uploading your photos, you then select who you want to show your photos for. Ideally these are people in your realistic dating range otherwise you can sabotage your scores due to age bias.

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Photofeeler Scores, Results & Metrics – Business, Dating, Social, Photofeeler Results

Photofeeler ranks photos on a scale of 1 to 10 on 3 metrics depending on the type of photo. Their options are rather biased as you can see below. Ideally there would be 5 options rather than 4 (3 of which are positive).

Business (likable, competent, influential);

Dating (attractiveness, trustworthy, smart);

Social (authentic, fun, confident).

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Attractive Hobbies & Interests

Attractive Hobbies And Interests To Meet People, What Interests Do Guys Like, What Hobbies Do Women Find Attractive? Hobbies That Get Left Swipes.

Is Photofeeler Accurate? Legit? Photofeeler Review

While I think is a decent source for feedback on photos (especially when compared to getting no feedback at all), there are some things you want to be aware of before following advice blindly on those photo ratings.

Limited to Photos Only. While there are different lenses you can narrow your focus on (professional i.e. LinkedIn, dating profiles etc.) on Photo feeler, it does not offer personalized feedback on your app choices, bio, captions, messages etc. (read: How To Write An Online Dating Profile)

Good photos can only take you so far and plenty of folks self-sabotage their chances through app choice, photo order, bios, messaging etc. Additionally, different dating apps require different types of photos to be successful. What might work on Tinder may not work on Bumble or Hinge.

Read this post on what your dating profile photos signal.

Location Bias. This can lead to inflated scores. There are more people in big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and San Francisco etc. and your photos will be reviewed and scored by all including smaller towns with possibly lesser differentiating expectations.

Not to say there are not attractive people outside larger cities but you should be judging yourself against people you are interested in meeting. Politics, lifestyles and background go a long way in factoring into scores.

Selection Bias. Most people on Photofeeler are coming from a position of needing help themselves. Many are new to dating sites, others have been on dating sites for years without success.

If you needed help with your 3pt shot would you ask Klay Thompson or would you ask people coming off the bench from the Knicks? Know your sources.

Either way, there is more to you than just photos and you need to have context in terms of your lifestyle so you can not only get feedback on photos but understand where you can improve.

Subreddits like r/IncelsWithoutHate use photofeeler as their default tool for rating themselves and rating others.

Privacy. Anyone can view your photos on Photofeeler. While you will be showing your photos to people once you are on a dating site or app, you don’t want to expose bad photos of yourself right off the bat without some feedback.

Some people do not want to expose their photos to the public more than they have to and this is enough of a reason to seek help from a professional vs. the public.

Per it’s Privacy PolicySome information associated with deleted accounts is retained in order to maintain the service for other users, for statistical and historical purposes, and for use in scientific research.

This Is Why You Are Single

Reasons why you are still single. I'm a nice guy, why am I single? I'm a good woman, why am I still single? Why can't I find anyone?


Context. Some photos will do better on an app like Tinder vs an app like Coffee Meets Bagel. Whether you are on the fast track for a long-term relationship or looking for something casual, it is important you know how to market yourself and understand what your photos signal.

User Credibility. While some users might have experience or even success on dating apps or getting high scores, some folks are merely looking to get feedback themselves and will blast through scores as quickly as possible and not take the time to thoughtfully review each photo. There is little to gain from helping others on a platform like this when others are viewed as competition.

Score. Reducing your looks, photos, appearance and date-ability to a single score can be misleading and dangerous. Assigning a score reverts society back to rating people ala the days of beauty competitions, and high school immaturity.

Many people suffer from negative and bad comments on sites like this which can affect morale and confidence.

Don’t let your self-worth be associated to a subjective score, you are more than that. Photofeeler attractiveness scores only consider existing photos, it cannot provide guidance on how to take photos going forward and how to round out your profile to complement existing photos (for help with choosing the right photos for your profile check out this intro guide).

In order to do better on dating apps, it’s not about improving your scores but rather looking at everything including app choice, profile fatigue, bios, answers to prompts, messaging and more.

Focus on whom you want to attract and work on becoming that person to attract said profile rather than focusing on getting the highest scores possible.

You attract who you are, not what you seek.

Rating Individual Photos vs. Telling A Story. Ranking individual photos is not helpful in that you can’t assume sum of the parts equal the whole.

It’s quite possible to get high scores on headshots but that doesn’t mean you should use headshots. Also, sites like this don’t tell you what photos you should add to a profile.

How To Improve Your Scores On Photofeeler. It’s quite possible and easy to improve your scores on Photofeeler. Aside from physique, other things that can improve your score are smiles, wardrobe, environments, poses, variety of photos, photo captions, photo order and lighting.

Read more on how to look more attractive in your photos.

Alternatives To Dating Apps

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How To Pause Your Photofeeler Tests, Photos & Account

1) Go to ‘My Tests’ and pause any tests you have going on by clicking the pause symbol.

2) Once a test is paused, the pause button then becomes a delete (trash can) symbol from which you can click on to delete the test.

3) To delete your photo altogether after you paused your tests and deleted your tests, go to ‘My Tests’ and select new tests. The new screen will display photos in your account from which you can delete photos.

4) Click on this link to request your account to be deleted per it’s privacy policy.

Is Photofeeler Anonymous? Is Photofeeler Safe?

Yes, in the sense you can’t tell who is rating you. No, in the sense that your photos are on the internet. Even though they are not cached or searchable doesn’t mean people can’t screenshot your photos and save them.

They are safer than dating apps in that they don’t collect as much data as them, but it’s another unnecessary outlet to post your photos to the internet for people to judge. Depending on your tolerance for the truth, feedback, proceed using with caution as some folks can’t handle their scores.

What Is A Good Score On Photofeeler? Average Score On Photofeeler

That depends on who you ask, how much self-awareness you have and what you goal is. Most people would love to get a 7 or above. Others want to strive for a 9.5 and above. The bad thing about Photofeeler is the focus on scores.

It’s a sad world if we get society to rank people on a scale of 1-10. Rather than focusing on attaining a score, just focus on improving your smiles, wardrobes, appearance, photos, poses, lighting, backgrounds etc.

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How Reliable Is Photofeeler? How Legit Is Photofeeler? Fotofeeler, Photofeeler Examples

Scores are generally inflated due to the nature of the average profile of user seeking the services. If you want brutally honest feedback, actionable insights, get an exhaustive personalized review.

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How To Uninstall Photofeeler? How To Delete Photofeeler.

1) Pause the test. 2) The Pause button will then be replaced by a trash can icon (delete).


New Blog - Modern Dating By Eddie

This blog is for those that are new to dating, have little experience dating, are confused by ‘the rules’, keep making the same mistakes or are frustrated with dating in today’s culture.


Photofeeler Alternative: Photofeeler vs Datenhance, RateMe; Photofeeler Alternative Reddit

Datenhance is a similar service to Photofeeler. Scores are rather limited and don’t provide insight into style, body language, photo order, activities, approachability, confidence, comparison to other photos, recommended app choice, realistic expectations (age, distance).

For a personalized, exhaustive dating profile review, click here.


Photofeeler Results: Does A Low Score On Photofeeler Mean I’m Ugly?

Not necessarily. Bad scores can be caused by poor lighting, smiles, wardrobe, angles, skin, photo distance etc. Photofeeler scores are on a scale of 1 -10 meaning the average score is 5.5 (assuming uniform distribution). If you get a score below that, it could mean that the photo itself is not good or below average rather than your physical appearance.

There is always room for improvement. Tips on how to be more attractive here. Tips on how to be more photogenic here.

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Photofeeler Truspilot

There is more than getting more matches than just posting photos to a site.

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Roast Dating – Is Roast Dating Legit? Roast Dating Review, Photofeeler vs Roast.Dating

Similar to photofeeler, there is more than getting more matches than just posting photos to a site.

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Roast Dating Review, Roast Dating Service Reviews


Free Dating Profile Critique, Free Dating Profile Review Service

You can try Reddit but it’s like the blind leading the blind (getting advice from people who are struggling themselves or lack nuance i.e. location, age, cultural backgrounds, biases, etc). Similarly, most people don’t disclose filters, swipe etiquette, messages etc which matter quite a lot too.


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