Best Jewish Dating Sites & Apps for Singles, Best Free Jewish Dating Sites, Best Paid Jewish Dating Apps for Relationships: JDate vs. JSwipe, The League, Lox Dating Apps

While most people default to JSwipe and JDate to meet other Jewish singles, there are several other apps you should consider as well.

Generally speaking, most people today who have an ethnic or religious preference may also be open to dating other people outside those characteristics. As such, JSwipe and JDate might be good for more conservative or Orthodox Jewish singles, it is by no means the only apps that you should consider.

If you are new to dating apps in general, I recommend you read this beginner’s guide to familiarize yourself with the aspects of dating apps including requirements, expectations, timing and more.


Best Jewish Dating Apps & Sites: Is There A Jewish Date App?

There are plenty of Jewish singles on other non-exclusive Jewish dates apps that can be found via simple filters, preferences and deal-breakers. 

Apps like Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble and Hinge allow users to set their preferences while searching for singles on the app. Although not exclusive, the apps do encourage relationship focused individuals as opposed to the hookup apps like Tinder. 

Jewish Singles On has a number of Jewish singles on the platform but tends to draw more people who are a bit older than those on dating apps given its desktop platform option. What is nice about Match is that you can see people’s preferences and see if it aligns with the type of person you seek.

For example, you can see if a 60-year-old guy is only seeking women 27-37 and make your judgments accordingly. Like Match, OkCupid is another solid option. Despite changes to the site over the years, it is one of the most diverse dating apps like there.

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JDate vs JSwipe: What Is The Difference Between JDate & JSwipe? Is JDate Any Good? JDate Review, Jswipe Review

Dating apps like JDate and JSwipe tend to draw more marriage-focused folks who are urgently seeking to settle down asap whereas the other apps mentioned above are more relaxed but still relationship-focused individuals which generally provides a more approachable set of individuals.

I don’t recommend either of these dating apps.


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Jewish Singles On The League Dating App

Amanda Bradford, CEO of the popular dating app ‘The League’ claimed that ~25% of their users were Jewish back in January 2019 (as mentioned in her podcast interview with The Verge back in January 2019).

You can listen to the podcast here, 23 minute mark:


The Lox Dating App: Is The Lox Club Only For Jewish People?

The Lox app is the latest Jewish app on the market, and it looks promising. If you consider yourself more Jew-ish than Jewish or you are the type of Jewish person who eats bacon, this is for you. It’s more for cultural Jewish folks and super religious Jewish individuals.


How Much Does The Lox Club Cost? Is The Lox Club Free? Lox Club Review

The Lox club costs $8-$12 per month as of December 2020 depending on subscription term.


Jewish Singles On Bumble and Hinge Dating Apps

These two apps are the most popular dating apps on the market these days. It’s worth trying as out but not as many people select their religious status or preference like the League.

I generally recommend people stay away from smaller or fringe dating sites like SawYouAtSinai, JPeopleMeet, JewishCafe, MazelMatch and others like that.

These sites and apps rarely have the volume of profiles to make it worth using. Also, smaller and newer sites tend to have less stringent registration requirements making it easier for scammers to join.

It’s important to know that there are many non-Jewish singles open to meeting and dating Jewish singles that are not superconservative or super religious, so it’s worth a shot to jump on these apps and explore who’s on there.

Most Popular Jewish Dating Apps

Most clients I speak to are open to dating people of other religions but for the most part, most are not looking for people who are super religious or superconservative views (especially here in San Francisco and other cities like Los Angeles and New York).

Conversely, there are plenty of Jewish singles that are not limiting their search for Jewish singles on the site.

On that note, I recommend watching Netflix’s Shtisel. It’s a great story following the life of a Jewish Orthodox family, and it’s great for conversation starters with your match. 

There is a reason why Jewish mothers love working with me when looking for help with their sons and daughters. Let’s talk today.


JDate Cost, Jswipe Cost, JDate Price, JSwipe Price

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Are There Any Free Jewish Dating Sites?

Most of the apps mentioned in this article offer a free version with limited functionality.

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