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Best Restaurants With Bar Seating San Francisco, Best Restaurants For Solo Dining SF

The idea of grabbing a drink alone or dining alone can seem awkward and weird to some and even terrifying to others. The truth is, it takes an incredible amount of confidence and comfort in one’s own skin to dine alone or grab a drink alone. You can tell a lot about a person by this very topic alone and their stance on this.

To pull this off successfully, you need to be incredibly self-aware and knowledgeable to know where to go and when, where to sit, what to avoid and how to act. Many people in life refuse to dine or drink alone and these are generally people I do not like to associate with in life.

Yes, everything is better with friends and groups but if you cannot learn to be alone, you cannot truly learn to enjoy yourself amongst others. The same can be said of dating. 

In order to have success dating, one needs to be comfortable in their own skin, have enough going on in their lives and be happy with themselves to be able to give to others and be ready to receive all that one has to give in a relationship.

With that said, there is a fine line between the ability to dine/drink alone and someone who does so all the time or as using that as their preferred method of going out. Below are some of my favorite dive bars, cocktail lounges and restaurant bars in San Francisco.

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Is It Weird To Drink At A Bar, Dine By Yourself? Is It Socially Acceptable To Eat At A Restaurant Alone? 

The best places to dine and drink alone are typically those with bar seating. It takes the sting out of having an empty seat in front of you at a table or booth.

I personally find these the most enjoyable seats in the house as it is great for people watching and easier to engage with conversations around you. Many people who travel for work often dine alone. 

Being shoulder to shoulder means you have the ability to talk about drinks, dishes or and more.To take it one step further, to then meet people when dining or drinking alone requires a specific set of skills that very few people have.

The ability to analyze environments, read people, understand vocal intonation, anticipate moments, ask questions, be present, offer opinions and connect with strangers is a lot to ask for especially if you are introverted, shy or lack self-confidence. 

As a dating consultant who works with many men and women who are new in town, recently single, shy or learning to be comfortable on their own, I have cultivated a list of places that are uniquely interesting and helpful when trying to meet people or get yourself out there if you are recently single or lack friends who are social. 

Below are some of my favorite places to dine alone, grab a drink solo and meet people in San Francisco. Merely having this information is not enough for most folks. Where to sit, when exactly to go, how to read people, how to dress, how to sit and what to order is key to get the most out of dining and drinking alone. 

Jardiniere Bar Interior, San Francisco

Best Places For Solo Dining In San Francisco: Restaurants With Bar Seating & More For Eating Alone


Swan Oyster House –

Cotogna – (impressive amaro selection)

Tartine Manufactory –

Hog Island –

Cole Valley Tavern (formerly Kezar Pub & Restaurant) –

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Best Restaurant Bars In San Francisco, Things To Do In San Francisco Alone

Plated Dish, Foreign Cinema, Mission District, San Francisco

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Others I haven’t been to but seem good for this: Floodwater, Marinitas, Picco, Buckeye

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