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This is an exhaustive bar trivia list for San Francisco listed by date, neighborhood and time. As more places are verified, I will update this list. New! Scroll down for my East Bay pub trivia list.

If you have suggestions for other locations, nights, please send details along with proof and I will verify places. If places routinely cancel trivia night for games or other reasons, they may not be listed below. Some places may cancel trivia night for playoff games. Check ahead with the establishment to confirm.

Some places will allow single participants, while others require at least 2 people. My recommendation is to arrive early, grab a drink at the bar, talk to people and see if they can use another person on their team.

Coming soon: information on Bingo nights, loteria nights and more. More lists at the bottom of the page.

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San Francisco Trivia Nights – Monday Trivia San Francisco, Tuesday Trivia San Francisco, Wednesday Trivia San Francisco & Thursday Trivia San Francisco, Thursday Trivia SF,

East Bay Trivia Nights, Pub Trivia East Bay: Oakland Bar Trivia, Alameda, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Martinez, Lafayette, Fremont & More; Oakland Trivia Night, Pub Trivia Oakland

New! For my East Bay pub trivia list, click here!

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