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When it comes to dating profiles, everyone has their opinions. Some think it doesn’t matter what you write because photos are the only thing that matter. Others think being funny is necessary, even if it means being cliche. Some believe you should say what you don’t want to avoid people wasting your time. Others think listing an Instagram handle is recommended to avoid chit-chat on the app and move things along.

The truth is, there is no correct answer. No single strategy will work for everyone. What works for someone may not work for you as personalities, looks, education, ethnicity, height, physique, facial expressions, lifestyle choices lend themselves to what a person can not only get away with but with that can work most effectively for them.

Below are a variety of dating profile examples that are popular on dating apps these days but may not be the best in terms of being unique, attracting higher quality people or being cute, funny, provocative or approachable. 

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Most women make the mistake of being direct and trying to avoid what they don’t want. I get it, a lot of guys are trash on dating apps, and you want to weed out the creeps, a-holes, manipulators, liars and indecisive time-wasters – we all would. However, stating what you don’t want can come off as bitter, jaded, defeated, pessimistic and unwilling to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

In the example below, it’s not uncommon to receive one of these classic, low-effort, pathetic opening lines. Rather that state what you don’t want, ignore these guys and focus your time on those that meet your expectations. Don’t have much to choose from? That could be on you. You attract who you are, not what you seek.

Sure, no matter what you put on a dating profile you are going to get unwanted attention – there is nothing you can do about that, but by being bitter, you will chase away genuine guys and scare them off be your disposition. No one wants to date a salty woman unless it is purely to hook up with her – “challenge accepted”.

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When it comes to men’s profiles, trying to be cute and funny is something that can come off as lazy or not that serious about dating. Sure you can get some likes or matches from cheesy lines and nonsensical phrases on dating profiles but do those attract quality women? Chances are, you will attract women who are not girlfriend material. If that is what you want, you do you.

My advice is geared toward those that want quality people in their lives who are honest, transparent, vulnerable and want a relationship. If you want something casual, best to stop reading my blog now. Some women are attracted to profiles like this but this is often because they might seek something casual or don’t want to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is tough but if you keep going in and out of relationships, re-examine the vibes you are putting out there in the universe.

Most men make the mistake of being vague, not listing what they want or putting things to sound approachable or match interests levels in others rather than take chances, be unique and not caring what others think. Given that men outnumber women by a factor of 2:1 to 4:1 or more on some apps, your best bet is to be attractive or be unique.

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I am not going to lie, using a short dating profile can yield more likes and matches than longer profiles. It’s not a matter of less is more, but rather the more part is rather undesirable or the additional details can turn off others. In my belief, being direct and getting fewer matches is better than casting a wider net that can typically result in more ghosting, more conversations that don’t yield responses or dates that lead nowhere.

The more you put in a profile, the more things people can find that they disagree with or things they don’t identify with. As a result, this can lead to fewer matches. While this seems like a bad thing, I would argue it’s a good thing for those that know what they want and are selective about who they date.

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I am not saying you can’t be cute or funny in a dating profile, but most people that omit information or try to be vague or cliche in their entire profile will likely be frustrated by the quality of the people they attract. The best profiles are the ones that incorporate humor, randomness, and anecdotes in addition to providing details about themselves whether in their photos, photo captions, bio, prompts, intentions, or profile completion.

The best profiles are not just funny, witty or exhaustive, but they also have conversation starters to make it easier for others to reply to. Great dating profiles also sync up in intentions and lifestyle choices. Most people don’t want a clone of themselves, and being too agreeable or lacking drive or ambition in life can cause quality people to skip over your profile.

You can’t control the time wasters or unattractive people that bombard you with likes and messages but you can improve yourself and attract higher-quality folks by carrying yourself better so that these select individuals have a reason to swipe right on you.

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There are only three prompts available to select for a profile. Don’t do this.

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The below does a great job of being positive, communicating arrangement for custody as well as age of child.

-It’s crucial to avoid being jaded/negative, i.e. no hookups, no players/time wasters.

-It’s important to let others know you only have the child 50% of the time vs full-time

-It’s helpful to know the child is older vs an infant/toddler

These three things are super insightful and complement details about hobbies and interests (avoid emojis or vague items in a profile).

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