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If you have followed my newsletter, you know my lists are highly curated, often updated and rival, if not exceed, those by popular publications here in the city (heck they even interview me for story ideas). I have editors, writers, VC’s, tech folks, engineers, single folks, couples, those new in town and more subscribe to it.

Whether it’s date spots in the city, trivia nights, or the best restaurants with bar seating, sit-down restaurants open past 10pm, apt-hunting guides, places to meet singles, my lists are highly coveted, and this particular one is the most requested of them all.

I have spent years compiling this list as I have worked from bars, cafes, restaurants, hotel lobbies, and public spaces in and around the city. I work outdoors, public spaces and client sites all over the city so I know where to duck in for a couple of hours anywhere in the city.

I am also meticulous when it comes to location scouting for clients for their photos whether it’s for dating profiles, lifestyle images or headshots.

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Laptop Cafe Etiquette, Work Cafes; Laptop Friendly Places In San Francisco

Be nice, tip well, share space (don’t take up entire tables mean for groups), don’t take video calls or speakerphone calls, don’t set up monitors. Don’t spend all day at places. Some places on my list are more communal and allow for more time to be spent there (heck, you can probably host meetings, team updates etc. there).

If you are working in a crowded place with limited seats and especially indoors, stop wearing perfume, especially bad perfume and more so lots of perfume. If you do decide to wear perfume, be ready to be addressed by others.

For those looking on how to approach this touch subject, here is a template:

  • Hi there, I wanted to let you know that your perfume is quite strong and very distracting. Would you mind moving over to another seat please? 

I wouldn’t make it a scene, I would be very polite and address the person one off. 


Coffee Shops To Work From SF, Places With Wi-Fi To Work Remotely San Francisco

To those that are subscribed to my paid monthly newsletter below, I may provide one-off recommendations over time.

These places have been even more in demand during Covid as people have become tired of working from home all day. My master list is a spreadsheet with sortable filters i.e. noise levels, outlets, food/drink options, hours, comfort level, relative size/availability (crowded), neighborhood and general vibe (super anti-social, earphone all in, individual tables vs social, communal vibe).

This list contains places in Inner Richmond, Outer Richmond, Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset, Cole Valley, USF, Pacific Heights, Laurel Heights, Marina, Presidio, Russian Hill, North Beach, Cow Hollow, Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, Mission Bay, Lower Haight, Upper Haight, Hayes Valley, Financial District, SOMA, Mission District and Nob Hill areas.


Coworking Spaces San Francisco (Free, Cheap Coworking Spaces SF, Non-Corporate)

Currently working on a guide to coworking spaces complete with rates, day-passes etc. Stay tuned here: 

Best Public Free Workspaces, Public Places To Work SF, Laptop Friendly Places San Francisco,  Coffee Shops & Cafes

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Blue Bottle, Starbucks, Phliz Coffee, Peet’s Coffee

San Francisco Public, Free Wifi Locations

Saint Frank Coffee – Coffee shop In Russian Hill (on Polk Street)

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Places To Write In San Francisco, Writing Spots SF, Best Coffee Shops For Getting Work Done, 

Depending on what you need, there are lots of great spots including:

-Ina Coolbrith Park

-Salesforce Park

-Alta Plaza Park

-USF Campus

 More spots here: 


Internet Cafes San Francisco, Coffee Shops & Cafes With Wifi San Francisco

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