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When it comes to headshots, too many people focus on the photographer and not enough time on the wardrobe, outfits, hairstyle and accessories. Sure, the photographer is important, but they are not magicians. They can’t fix wrinkled outfits, unflattering tops, clothes that don’t fit and colors that clash with your skin or backgrounds.

Similarly, most photographers focus too much on the technical aspects of headshots and lack creative direction, fashion sense and industry knowledge to match your appearance, style with objectives, professional norms as well as environments and backgrounds.

Below are tips on what to wear for professional headshots so that you get the most out of your photos.


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Best Outfits For Professional Headshots, What To Wear For Headshots, Wardrobe Tips

The best outfits for headshots are not universal, they are subjective to the individual, industry and company. Consideration should be given for:

  • industry
  • seniority/title
  • backgrounds
  • hair color
  • backgrounds
  • body-type
  • accessories
  • makeup

These items are crucial as they can inform individuals on what to wear, what looks best on them and what complements all the components of a headshot. Sure, this might seem overwhelming given that many people don’t like taking photos, looking at their photos or figuring out what to wear, which is why a photographer with a great fashion sense can be your best friend.

A great photographer can factor all these elements in addition to lighting, wind, makeup, accessories (earrings, necklaces, facial hair, lipstick, watches, rings and belts to make your headshot stand out. Most photographers don’t specialize in creative direction so unless you are certain of your confidence in styling and know the backgrounds, colors, environments of your photoshoot, be sure to confirm answers so you can prepare.


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What To Wear For Professional Headshots, Headshot Wardrobe Ideas, Examples

Most people get overwhelmed with the laundry list above, so it’s important to start off with known variables or exclude items that are deal-breakers or unprofessional. For example:

  • avoid tops that wrinkle easily
  • avoid plunging necklines
  • avoid spaghetti straps that show too much shoulders
  • bring accessories if you need to hold your top or hair in places i.e. scrunchies, hair/paper clips
  • bring a brush/comb, hair product (especially if you are taking headshots at the end of the day)
  • bring a lint brush
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Professional Headshot Tips, Headshot Outfit Tips; What To Wear For Professional Headshots

Here are some tips to get you  ready for your headshot day.

  • iron your clothing
  • try on your outfits ahead of time; make sure your clothes fit
  • avoid haircuts the day of or before (most people don’t like their hairstyle within 24-48 hours of a cut)
  • avoid articles with clothing that have some sheen and cause glare in the photos
  • know what colors work best with your hair color and skin color
  • bring an extra outfit in case you spill something at work or before your photoshoot
  • accessories (pocket squares, tie clips, earrings, and necklaces) should not be the focus of your photos
  • clean your eyeglasses 
  • avoid transition lenses in eyeglasses if shooting outdoors, even in the shade
  • aim for simple patterns and solids vs distracting elements (unless your industry/brand depends on it)

These things will go a long way to making sure you give your photographer the best change possible to capture photos. If you are unsure of your wardrobe/outfit ideas, be sure to run it by your photographer.

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Professional Headshot Wardrobe Tips, Men, Women

The best recommendations factor many items including but not limited to:

  • industry
  • seniority
  • skin tone
  • hair color/length
  • body type
  • background textures/colors
  • company guidelines

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