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Dil Mil is a dating app popular among South Asian communities. It is the app first-generation folks use when looking to give dating apps a try, particularly those who are marriage-focused.

For those seeking to date within specific communities, this allows users to apply filters like they would on a food-ordering app. If you are looking for Punjabi, Hindi or Sunni, you can have your pick.

Dil Mil is quite a unique app in that it focuses on such a niche community and then aggressively applies specific filters for users to use. While most mainstream apps allow users to filter for religion, race, Dil Mil goes into more detail than just about any other dating app out there. This makes sense given 1.3 billion people live in India and at least another 4 million are in the U.S.

I typically urge folks to stay off niche apps but Indian dating apps like Dil Mil might be worth a try given its user base and unique specificities of dating in Indian culture. Most people are open to dating outside religions but in Indian cultures, a significant number of young adults still seek approval of their partners from their parents.

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As you can see, Dil Mil profiles allow users to select communities from a list below. 

Dil Mil App Review, Dil Mil FAQ’s – Desi Dating App, Dil Mil App, Indian Dating Sites USA

Despite lower user counts, one thing that is unique about Indian dating culture is that people are open to dating beyond their immediate geographical areas. This is evident in shows like Indian Matchmaker. 

In San Francisco, people generally date within city limits i.e. 5 miles where folks in NYC might date more locally i.e. within boroughs and even tighter radius of about 2-3 miles. This unique aspect in the dating culture allows users to expand their radius.

Most men are open to dating women from afar (partly due to gender ratios and lack of options) but women on Dil Mil have a larger radius than those on Bumble, Hinge etc. Given users’ flexibility with distance, this app opens potential matches to make worth exploring.

As a free user, you will be shown people from far away i.e. if you are in SF, women in LA (upwards of 500 miles away). You can select by countries too (USA, Canada, UK, India and Australia). Apps tend to be inflexible with radius when they don’t have enough users and do not wish to let users know they have run out of profiles to show you.

The other unique aspect about Dil Mil is user profile stats similar to what you find on Coffee Meets Bagel. Profile user stats let’s you see how often users reply to message, when they were last active as well as popularity on the app. This is helpful so you can sort and prioritize those that are active, responsive and care about the same attributes like you.

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Does Dil Mil Cost Money? Is There A Free Version of Dil Mil?

The basic functionality of the app is free but pretty useless unless you are super patient or have a wide dating radius i.e. 500+ miles.


Best Indian Dating Apps, Best Indian Dating Sites, Top Indian Dating App, Top Indian Dating Site

If you are not a recent immigrant or are open to dating beyond your community, race, Dil Mil may not be for you. You might find better luck on Coffee Meets Bagel as that is more diversified but not so boring plain vanilla (white) like Bumble or Hinge. 

People on those apps tend to date largely within their own race and if you swipe right too much, too often, your visibility could be reduced, and you could struggle more as the algorithms factor how often people swipe left on you. With that said, the more you expand your hobbies, interests and maintain good hygiene, grooming, style, communication skills and confidence, the better you will do offline and online.


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