What Are Beige Flags? Beige Flag List; Beige Flags In Dating, Examples, Meaning; Beige Flags On Dating Apps (Hinge, Bumble)

The latest dating trend on the internet are beige flags. We had red flags, then green flags but not beige flags are getting all the attention. They are trending all over TikTok and social media sites. For those that want to stay far away from TikTok, you don’t have to download it to know what’s going on.


What Are Beige Flags? Beige Flags In Dating, Beige Flag Meaning, Online Dating Beige Flags

Beige flags are indicators on a dating profile (or messaging) that someone is basic, boring or not that interesting. These are typically derived from words on bios and prompts (or lackthereof). People apply the term to describe profiles that are rather vague, cliche, boring or something similar. People have been known to screenshot profiles and communication and post them to social media for all to see.


Are Beige Flags On Dating Profiles Red Flags? Beige Flag Examples On Dating Apps

Beige flags are subjective but mostly described through the lens of someone outgoing and social. Some beige flags that are common these days are chess, crypto, video games, going to the gym, anime, hanging out at home, reading, hardware, coding and the like. These activities are mostly individual hobbies and interests.

Other beige flags are referenced by their lack of effort or description. These activities can include wine, traveling, brunch, tacos, pizza, etc. It’s not that these activities are boring but the manner in which a user lists these items with no detail is what makes these beige flags to some.

Beige Flag: I like to travel. 

In and of itself, it’s not a red flag nor a green flag. It’s lazy and vague. It’s something to make you pause and evaluate other aspects of their profile more closely.

Beige Flag: Organizing books by color, author or language. 

Again, in of itself, there is nothing wrong but it can be a possible sign for someone to investigate if the person has OCD and if that is a deal-breaker for you.

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Beige Flags In Dating, Conversation, Beige Flag In Relationships; Examples, List

Beige flags can exist off of dating apps as well. They can be seen in a person’s lifestyle, interests, hobbies or habits. For example, if the person eats the same meal everyday, takes the same route to work, wears the same thing everyday or only wears company schwag shirts, they can be viewed as displaying beige flags. 

Beige flags in conversations and social skills are common in San Francisco, the greater Bay Area and anyone who works in tech. Typically, the inability to be unique, read people, or behave beyond a script, set pattern of behavior can be viewed as a beige flag.

Women are typically more likely to discuss beige flags as they are the ones usually screening profiles, reading people and analyzing behavior. Men typically are more simple creatures focused on trying to court women regardless of their quirks. They are typically only (or mostly) focused on looks, hookups or something similar. 


Beige Flag Trend, Beige Flags TikTok – Beige Flags On Dating Apps (Hinge, Bumble)

Beige flags are simply a trend. People like to create names for meaningless things. The type of people who use the term beige flags are typically people who I would label as displaying red flags: judging others, more concerned about mundane shit and immature for using dumb apps like TikTok.

Rather than trying to categorize actions or behavior, learn to read people. Learn to evaluate people as a whole. Stop relying on TikTok for your dating advice unless you want to remain single, become jaded and become a red flag yourself for not being able to use good judgment on your own.


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