Online Dating Reviews: Bumble vs Hinge, Is Bumble A Hookup App? Is Hinge Better Than Bumble? Is Hinge For Dating? Is Hinge for Relationships? Bumble vs Tinder

While every dating app claims to be the best, offer something different, here is a realistic overview of 3 of the most popular dating apps out there on the market. For additional insight on demographics, types of people on each app, check out my dating app review here. There is no single best app as everyone has different backgrounds, lifestyles, preferences, deal-breakers. 

In most cases, you will have to try 2-3 apps to see which is best for you, your age, your ethnicity, your education, your deal-breakers and even your height (yes, I do recommend a specific app if you are a short guy). In some cases, app choice is obvious, in other cases, not so much. For that I offer help with app choice, strategy, photos, timing, and more. 

In addition to using multiple apps, it’s important to understand nuances of each app i.e. new user boosts, message limitation, demographics, gender ratios, and intentions in order to gauge pros and cons and see which app(s) are best for you and will help you achieve higher chances for success with online dating.


Dating App Comparison Chart: Hinge vs Bumble, Bumble vs Tinder, Tinder vs Hinge

Hinge vs Bumble: Is Hinge Better Than Bumble?

That depends on your age, lifestyle and preferences. Some women hate making the first move. Some guys hate not being able to make the first move and relying on their profile. Bumble is viewed as a more mature app while Hinge is more for the masses. More on dating app comparisons here.


What Makes Bumble Different From Tinder?

The most obvious is ability for women to control who messages them but the other thing is demographics. Bumble has fewer bots, spammers and more professional types and better gender ratios for guys. 

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Is Hinge For Dating or Hookups? Is Hinge A Hookup App? Is Bumble Just for Hooking Up?

Both apps are geared to more relationship type people but some guys use it to hookup as it gives a false sense of security to some women. With any dating app, it’s merely an introduction tool not an ordering app. Patience is required to learn about the other person. Dating is typically viewed as a background check – don’t rely on apps to screen people or people to tell the truth 100% of the time. Just because a guy wants a relationship, doesn’t mean he will hookup and ghost you if presented the chance.

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Is Hinge For Serious Relationships & Dating? 

It can be but the prompts and audience lends itself to a younger audience (on average) compared to Bumble. The ability to screen profiles, read people, ask questions, spend quality time and ID red flags easily is paramount.


Are Guys On Hinge Looking For Relationships?

Some are, some are not. It’s up to you to screen profiles, read people, use good judgment and not take people for their word. Too many people treat dating apps like ordering apps, this is not Burger, you don’t get things your way. These are merely introduction & discovery tools.


Is Tinder Only For Hookups? Is Bumble Better Than Tinder? Is Hinge Better Than Tinder?

While it is viewed as a casual dating app, it’s sometimes the only option in smaller towns, more rural areas where there are no users on Hinge or Bumble. I have known people who have met their partner or spouse on Tinder but it does require more patience due to fake profiles, gender imbalance and audience.

Hinge vs Bumble Reddit, Bumble vs Hinge 2020, Hinge vs Bumble 2021, Is Hinge More Serious Than Tinder?, Is Tinder or Bumble Better? Is Hinge or Bumble Better? Is Tinder or Bumble Better For Guys? Is Hinge or Bumble Better For Girls?


Is Hinge or Bumble Better? Is Hinge Or Bumble Better For Relationships? Is Bumble Better Than Hinge?

That depends on who you ask and their gender, age, profession, photos, height etc. Bumble is slightly more superficial and has Incognito mode which women like for privacy as do men who like to use it to cheat on their partners but Hinge has better prompts and allows men to send the first message first which is more advantageous if they are good at writing and don’t want to rely solely on their photos to get noticed by women.

Both apps have people seeking relationships and people seeking hookups. Analyze people’s photos, prompts, bios to get a better idea of their intent, effort, first impressions etc. If you don’t know how to do this, seek out a dating consultant or someone who can help you ID red flags, analyze first dates and behaviors of matches to see what their motivation and goals are.


Do Guys Prefer Bumble Or Tinder? Which App Is Better? What Dating App Is Better Than Tinder?

Some guys like Tinder more because it’s more casual and they can make the first move. Other people like Bumble because of better gender ratios, better quality girls, less bots. It’s up to you.


What Age Group Is Hinge For? What Age Group Is Bumble For?

It’s mostly 25-45/50 but there are people older than that on the apps but it does thin out.


Bumble vs Hinge For Guys 

Guys can’t send first messages on Hinge so unless your photos are fantastic, stick with Hinge.


Is Bumble Better Than Tinder For Dating?

In some cases yes, in others no. It really depends on your location, lifestyle, age and other factors.


Bumble Premium vs Tinder Gold, Bumble Boost vs Tinder Gold, Bumble Spotlight vs Tinder Boost

Bumble and Tinder are different apps with different people. Read more about Bumble and Tinder paid features here.


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In addition to photos, he provides guidance around app choice, bio optimization, messaging techniques, wardrobe advice, date planning, screening profiles, ID'ing red flags, offline techniques for meeting people organically, naturally. 

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