What is Hinge’s Most Eligible Singles? How is Hinge’s Most Eligible Singles Determined? Who’s On It?

Starting around 2015 Hinge produced some PR pieces for the ‘Most Eligible Singles’ in America across major cities and professions. Most of these are lists are a mix of men and women across fields and industries like advertising, media, retail/cpg, startup, non-profit, health & wellness, tech, finance, doctors etc. These articles were written to attract more users to the platform but it has set some bad examples of what to include in your profile.


Being a single in tech is not a major selling point for singles – in fact it can be a turn-off. If your profile leads with or focuses on the fact that you work in tech then it paints you as a rather dull, bland individual – one of many in the Bay Area. There is nothing wrong with the companies or industry but using it is a major selling point is rather douchey. Profiles should focus on you, your hobbies, interests, passions, character etc. Career and education is important but listing accomplishments in title, education or company will take you so far. If you try to craft your dating profile like a Linkedin profile or resume, dating is going to be rough for you.

With that said, some profession focused profiles make a little more sense than others. Aligning lifestyle and hours for doctors and start-ups makes some sense, priorities and life choices with respect to non-profits is perfectly normal but some of the best relationships and dating experiences are from those who seek someone different than themselves. 

Pro-tip, privacy is a major


Most of the people in these lists have awful photos. Either professional, portrait photos or studio headshots. Most images taken in studios are overly photoshopped, airbrushed or taken in flattering light – they don’t look like the individuals in person. Photos like this don’t reveal character, show the full-body (physique) or offer any insight about the user (might as well point your profile to LinkedIn).

The most effective photos for dating profiles should be organic, outdoors, doing activities, have some environmental aspect to them and reflect some qualitative aspects of you that complement your bio and prompts. 

Friends on Hinge

These lists were primarily put together by a list of right-swipe activity as well as friends or influence. Influence? – Is this the Instagramification of dating apps? Does having more friends on Hinge really make you more eligible, desirable? I would argue against this number. Having more friends suggests you are either comfortable being single (since you have a lot of single friends), have more but shallower friendships, friends that don’t want to introduce you to their friends or are a bit vain with respect to social media connections. The more people you know should make it easier for you to meet people organically so having many friends on Hinge would be a red flag to most people.

Final Thoughts

Don’t craft your bios like these users. These lists were assembled for PR and SEO purposes. Creating a profile should be more organic, candid, insightful – less robotic and polished. Here are some tips to start your online dating profile: https://eddie-hernandez.com/how-to-write-an-online-dating-profile/