Check out’s Annual Singles in America Survey. It is the Largest Study on U.S. Single Population for Ninth Year In A Row.

My highlights from the study below:
-1/3 of young singles say financial situation has held them back from pursuing love.

-1/3 of young singles ended a relationship with someone that did not want to define the relationship.
-75% of men are fine with women starting a conversation with ‘hi’;19% of women are comfortable doing so.
-67% of men are fine with a woman offering to split the bill on the first date, but only 24% of women regularly offer.
-4% of straight women want to say, “I love you” first.
-Women ages 18 to 39 are actually more likely to doubt whether they can handle a relationship 58% vs 52%.
-While 42% of singles say love feels lost in our society, 60% of singles say they are motivated to find a long-term companion.
-51% of men say the #MeToo movement has caused them to act differently; 39% say it has caused them to act more reserved at work towards female colleagues
-The average single wants to define the relationship after 4 months of dating.

While I don’t agree these stats should guide you decision making process, it helps to understand where people are coming from. For answers to your dating questions, let’s talk!