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One of the first hurdle most people who decide to give Plenty Of Fish a try is how to select a username. Usernames were a big hit for the early dating sites like and OkCupid that were primarily a desktop platform with fewer required fields but are still in use today.

With that said, usernames should not be overlooked. Aside from your first photo, it is the first thing people observe when they stumble on your online dating profile.

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Dating Profile Headlines, Good Usernames For Dating Sites & More, Plenty Of Fish Usernames

A bad username can be an instant turn-off for viewers – it’s possible that a username can turn-away someone from clicking on your profile from the search results! Don’t let this happen to you!

While it is not necessary to user your real name, creating a joke name, having an immature reference can do more harm than good and offset an otherwise solid to great profile.

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Privacy: PlentyofFish Sign In, Log In, Registration, Plenty Of Fish Dating Reviews

Many folks on dating sites are either new to online dating, sensitive about disclosing too much information about themselves or have a hard time being creative, unique.

While stalking, harassment are legitimate concerns with any dating site, you can minimize exposure by adding some variation to your username and avoiding using your full name. For instance, Katie -> Kate, Eddie -> Ed, Lindsay -> Lindsey.

There is no harm going by a slight deviation in your name and it also conveys you are making a strong, intentional effort to put yourself out there vs someone who uses a joke username.

Whether you use the Plenty of Fish app or Plenty of Fish website to register your account, it’s pretty much a similar process.


Appending Names for Username On Dating Profile

A common approach is to append your name with some piece of information about you sometimes an area code, college name or mascot, country of origin. TrojanGirl99, ParisianPainter, NYCAlexis, KiwiKatherine, KateX_415.

It’s helpful to use a username that reveals a little more information about yourself so that 1) it shows you are putting yourself out there and 2) provides an additional piece of information to help suitors make a first move, initiate conversation.

One of the most challenging things with online dating is conversation starters – don’t waste the space with something random. Use the space to make the most out of your limited canvas with which to market yourself.

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Bad, Desperate Usernames On Dating Apps

There are some bad usernames out there that have a strong sense of despair, depression, shyness or hopelessness – don’t let this be you. Waiting4The1, ReadyToDate, ShyGuy213 or SureWhyNot. Indifference or insecurity are not traits people gravitate to.

You are not just competing for someone, you are competing against others. Be confident in your profile and your username as it is the first thing someone will notice aside from your photos.


Other Ideas for Usernames On Dating Sites, POF Username Examples, Online Dating Username

Incorporating aspects of your life like hobbies and passions can also help build a good username – RockClimb707, MtnBike650. The idea is to use things you spend quite a time doing or are practicing.

Other ideas include using your profession as a base for your username i.e. marin_artist, westmarin_baker, sfstylist. These provide a little more detail about your profession and lifestyle without giving away too much information.


POF Username Search

Click on SEARCH, then on USERNAME SEARCH and enter their username. Often entering only part of the name will bring up better results than the full name if you are not 100% sure.


Safety Tips On Apps

One thing to keep in mind is being mindful about what you communicate to others. Avoid using any passwords, screen names and such as scammers can use this information to guess your other accounts.

Information you display on dating profiles should be unique and at the same time limited in terms of revealing too much unnecessary info especially to strangers.

This is true if you use the same photo as your main photo on social media i.e. facebook or linkedin. All your dating photos should be unique to your dating profile or at least not public on the internet. Read more about online dating safety and privacy here.


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Should You Use Real Names Or Usernames On Dating Sites Like Hinge, Match & Bumble?

Read this piece on proper etiquette.


How To Delete Plenty Of Fish, Delete POF Account

Go to this link to delete your POF account.

For more customer service questions, contact info, numbers, emails and more, check out this exhaustive list.


POF Login, Plenty Of Fish Login, Plenty of Fish Dating Service 


Can You Search By Username On Match?

Not anymore, Match removed that feature a while back.


How To Change Username On Match?

Profile, me, edit (next to view tab).


How To Find My Username?

Profile, me, view profile (next to edit tab).


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