Sonoma & Napa County Photo Locations, Beautiful Wineries

Fall Foliage, Autumn Colors, Scenic Wineries, Prettiest Views, Romantic Date Ideas, Day Trips, Bachelorette Parties, Beautiful Wineries & Photo Locations in Napa & Sonoma

Many people visit Napa and Sonoma counties for the wine but for those that love the architecture, views, fall color change, mustard in the Spring, breathtaking sunsets, scenic views and colorful backdrops, these images are for you.

In addition to wineries, Sonoma and Napa offer many great restaurants, cheese shops, breweries, dives and more.

Whether you love sweeping landscape views, autumn foliage, pristine vineyards, grand estates, scenic backgrounds or just want to take a break from your hectic life, these images will provide some inspiration for your next trip to the North Bay.

For Napa and Sonoma date ideas, including restaurants and more:

Weekly curated events list: food, drink, arts, culture, nature, classes, music, pop-ups, crafts, speaker series, galas and more! No sponsored ads, no commissioned links. One-stop shop to events in San Francisco – check out Eddie’s list today!

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