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San Francisco Bay Area photographer specializing in natural light, modern photos and authentic acting portraits for agencies, casting calls, portfolios, websites, acting headshots comedy headshots, comedic headshots, comedian headshots and more. I love capturing beautiful, unique editorial and environmental portraits for clients with a custom approach.

San Francisco Bay Area Professional Acting Headshots For Men & Women, Professional Headshots For Actors, Actor Headshots Bay Area, Theatrical Headshots

I highlight strengths and capture individuality in people in a flattering, unique environments with a focus on color + environment for the photoshoot. Location scouting in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, Marin County and Oakland) and creative direction is my specialty.

I shoot outdoors, client places of business and public spaces with natural light for the photo session. Whether you are male or female, long hair or short hair, updating your photos or getting your first set of professional images, let’s talk! Samples below.


Bay Area Acting Headshots: Oakland, Berkeley, Marin County, Silicon Valley, San Mateo, Palo Alto

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Professional Acting Headshot Examples, Poses, Wardrobe, Clothing

Do You Need Makeup For Acting Headshots?

More is less. Avoid caked-up looks or makeup artists that work with certain photographers that prefer saturated looks. You want to look at yourself on your best day but effortlessly rather than trying too hard.

Too much makeup or working with a new makeup artist can lead people to doubt their looks or feel uncertain about a new look. Don’t do this as it shows in photos.


What Casting Agents Look For In Headshots?

Casting agents are looking for versatile headshots that capture your specialties and a range of looks. Ideally, these images are authentic, and natural but flattering and can help you picture yourself in a range of roles.

Most people should have a range of soft neutral looks, bright, bubbly looks and serious intense looks depending on the roles you seek or what your agent suggests for you.

Photos should focus on personality and not be merely glamour shots with eyes piercing in the photos and an inner story being conveyed in your expressions. Avoid strong dramatic shadows that take away from your facial features and tend to indulge photographers with an ego that are more concerned with photos for their portfolio rather than you getting roles.

The focus should be on your eyes, not your lips, ears or collars.

Should You Photoshop Or Edit Your Acting Headshots Or Modeling Digitals & Portraits?

It will depend on your photographer and agency. There are several photographers out there that overly embellish and filter photos to make subjects too artificial and fake, which many agencies hate because the actors and actresses don’t look like their photos.

There is nothing worse than attending an audition only to be sent home immediately because your photographer altered your appearance beyond recognition. You might like these overly soften, airy portraits, but often these types of photos are useless by agencies and talent reps as they misrepresent your real life appearance.

My approach is to focus on natural, organic photos in flattering light vs. using excessive studio lighting and butchering photos in post-processing. 

What To Wear For Your Professional Acting Headshots: Actors & Actresses? What To Wear For Headshots Male Actor, What To Wear For Headshots Female Actor

Dark jewel tones are recommended for your acting headshot. Anything too soft or light might get washed away or clash with skin tones. Bold colors are best to stick out from the crowds and leave a lasting impression in your acting headshot.

The focus should be on you, so avoid white and distracting patterns. Keep it simple. If you have any questions, I am available to guide you through recommended looks based on what I observe in your personality and appearance.


Should You Smile In An Acting Headshot?

That depends on the type of work you do or what you want to be cast for. I recommend having some photos with smiles with a range (full mouth expressive, slightly opened grin, closed mouth approachable etc.).

Some more theatrical or comedic roles demand more dramatic headshots with hysterical laughter-type images. Talk to your casting agent if you have one, if not, good to get a range, as most people want to see what you might have a hard time seeing in yourself.

Don’t choose looks or poses that go against your strengths or what you are aiming for. Acting too cute or approachable all the time can be tempting, but also sabotage your efforts.


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About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie is a professional photographer & dating coach based in San Francisco, servicing clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, London, Sydney & beyond.

His photography style balances approachability and professionalism while focusing on personality by consulting on wardrobes, appearance, location scouting and what the client wants to signal, attract. His photos are natural, organic and free from artificial filters and photoshopping seen with other photographers. 

When It comes to dating, his focus is on relationship-minded men and women while addressing lifestyle choices, appearance, hobbies, wardrobe, hygiene, communication skills, dating app profiles, blind spots, messaging, date ideas, confidence, location, etiquette & more. As seen in the NYT, WSJ & More.

Clients include VC's, CEO's, Attorneys, Tech, Non-Profits, Medical Professionals, Coaches, Engineers, Therapists, Government Officials, Shy Men, & Women, Actors, Models, Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, Creative Professionals from Google, Apple, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tesla & more.

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