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San Francisco headshot photographer specializing in natural, organic photos and headshots for businesses, professional portraits, executive headshots, office, employee headshots, website, personal branding, social media, press and corporate LinkedIn profiles. 

Whether you are looking for a natural, casual headshot, personal branding for your website, a customized backdrop for your personality, or environmental and professional business images for your team let’s talk!


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I know my way around San Francisco like no other. Public spaces, nooks, atrium, rooftops, parks, lobbies, hotel lounges, manicured gardens, museums, courtyards, pedestrian bridges, scenic lookouts, beautiful doors, colorful walls, minimalistic modern environments, rustic exposed brick walls, hidden alleyways and unique architecture buildings and features are all known and research for you.

View my travel photos to see my ability to scout locations better than anyone else.

My focus on highlighting strengths and capturing individuality of people in flattering, unique customized environments during the photo session is what separates me from the competition. Location scouting and creative direction is my specialty and I assist with outfits, poses, wardrobe selection and color coordination for the photoshoot.

I shoot outdoors, public spaces, client sites (home, offices, co-working spaces) with natural light.

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For women’s wardrobe tips read this guide

For men’s clothing tips, be sure to read this guide.

For tips on how to prepare for your professional headshot including what size and orientation do you need, how often should you update you headshots, cropping tips, colors to wear, how to look good in your headshot and should you smile for your headshot read this post.

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About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie is a professional photographer based in San Francisco clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, London.

His photography style balances approachability and professionalism while focusing on personality by consulting on wardrobes, appearance, location scouting and what the client wants to signal, attract. His photos are natural, organic and free from artificial filters and photoshopping seen with other photographers. 

Clients include VC's, CEO's, Attorneys, Tech, Non-Profits, Medical Professionals, Coaches, Engineers, Therapists, Government Officials, Shy Men, & Women, Actors, Models, Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, Creative Professionals from Google, Apple, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tesla & more.

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