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Whether you are looking for a natural, casual headshot, personal branding for your website, a customized backdrop for your personality, or environmental office and professional business image photography for your team, let’s talk!

Outdoor Headshots San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, Berkeley, Marin County | Outdoor Professional Business Headshots

My approach for professional headshots is to highlight strengths and capture individuality of people in flattering, unique customized environments during the photo session.

Location scouting and creative direction is my specialty and I assist with outfits, poses, wardrobe selection and color coordination for the photoshoot.

I shoot outdoors, public spaces, client sites with natural light for approachable yet professional pictures. I seek a balance of professionalism, approachability and trust in my photos.

Outdoor Business Portraits | Creative Business Portraits | Outdoor Linkedin Portraits | Outdoor Headshot Poses

Indoor vs Outdoor Headshots – Can Professional Headshots Be Taken Outside? Professional Headshots Outdoors

Most photographers shoot headshots indoors, in studios, against generic backdrops. This can be great for consistency for company branding, but creativity and uniqueness is lost in the process.

The only companies doing this are more legacy companies like finance, law firms etc. that are more uptight. Most startups, tech companies and creative and small businesses prefer more personalized, unique backgrounds.

Most people default to studio shots that are ok for consistency (conformity, stiffness, photoshopping) but lack individuality and creativity. This might have been fine in 15-20 years ago, but these days, more and more companies rely on photos and other media to set themselves are apart.

A great photographer can improvise with surrounding and environments like wind, sun, crowds etc., whereas studio photographers prefer controlled, generic environments. If you want something generic or want to maintain consistency, studios might be your best bet.

If you want individuality or want to have the environment as part of your branding, go with someone who shoots outdoors. Also consider an indoor environment, such as an office, atrium, or hotel lobby, that offers protection from the elements but without the stiffness from a studio headshot.

The purpose of a headshot is to convey individuality and brand. Don’t get lost in another stiff, boring studio headshot.

What To Wear For Outdoor Headshots: Outdoor Headshot Tips, Ideas For Best Outdoor Headshot Poses

For women’s wardrobe tips, read this guide. For men’s clothing tips, be sure to read this guide.

For tips, examples and ideas on how to prepare for your photography headshot, including what size and orientation do you need, how often you should update your headshots, cropping tips, colors to wear, how to look good in your headshot and should you smile for your headshot, how to pose read this post.

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How Do You Take A Good Outdoor Headshot? Outdoor Headshot Ideas, Examples, Outdoor Headshots Male, Female

Analyze wind, sunlight, background colors, outfits, skin tone, moisture in the air, hair color and what you want to convey in the headshot. There are lots of factors to balance, which is why most photographers stay away from outdoor headshots.


What Makes A Great Headshot? What Makes A Headshot Standout? Outdoor Business Portraits

New, original, fresh headshots stand out the most. Ones taken in a studio with generic backgrounds, excessive photoshopping techniques, and self-absorbed, narcissistic expressions are glossed over easily because of their cliche nature.

Outdoor environmental shots provide unique backgrounds that can add dimension and a unique angle to your photos.

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Headshot Backgrounds: What Color Background Is Best For Headshots? Outdoor Headshot Backgrounds

There are a number of factors here, including industry, skin tone, hair color, and outfits. There is no perfect, absolute answer, as it’s more qualitative than quantitative. A good photographer should be able to guide you through recommendations that factor all these items together to make your photos pop.

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