How To Take A Good Selfie (Men, Women); How To Be Photogenic In Selfies, Attractive Poses

With the explosion of cameras on phones, addition of front-facing cameras on phones, social media and quality improvement on said camera phones, selfies are everywhere. People take them all the time and everywhere – of their food, in bathrooms, in their hallways, in their cars etc.

Selfies are inescapable. They are taken by those that don’t even want to take them (pressure from friends and verification tools for apps and sites.

Selfies might seem straightforward and simple, but the reality is that people spend lots of time and take dozens of photos before posting said selfies to the internet or sharing them with friends, families and dates. Of course, there are outliers like Kim Kardashian that take hundreds and sometimes thousands of selfies a day.

I am not a fan of selfies and do not recommend them in general, but if you must take them, at least don’t be cringy about it and make it quick. Excessive selfies can be associated with narcissism. Below are some tips to get the most out of your selfies.

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How To Take A Good Selfie, Tips For Flattering Selfies On Your Phone (Android, Iphone)

  1. Take photos at or slightly above eye level (avoid high, weird, misleading angles)
  2. Aim for soft, indirect light i.e. light reflected off walls, diffused through windows
  3. Extend your arm fully (the closer the camera is to your face, the more it will distort it – make it wider)
  4. Pull your face forward, leaning back can lead to double chins
  5. Use the rear-facing camera (higher quality than front-facing camera, but won’t be able to see the screen)
  6. Look at the camera (otherwise you will like cross-eyed, drunk etc).
  7. Don’t use flashes (will create harsh shadows)


Selfie Guide, Posing, Tips, For Men. How To Take A Good Selfie.

Selfie Tips For Guys, Girls; How To Take Attractive Selfies, How To Be Photogenic In Selfies

You can’t just fake photos all the time. If you live a boring life, are not happy on your own or not happy in the moment, doing whatever is you are doing, it’s going to be tough to look photogenic in selfies.

  1. Look alive, smile (avoid constipated or intense looks)
  2. Clean your room, pay attention to the background
  3. Avoid cringy/boring backgrounds like gyms, cars, mirrors.
  4. Have a purpose (w/ a friend, celebrity, epic travel location, lookout). Avoid mundane reasons for a selfie.
  5. Clean your screen/lens.
  6. Avoid portrait mode (removed details in background and suggests you planned photo/trying harder).
  7. Practice angles (don’t be slumped over, stand up straight, relax your pose, bend one leg, cross legs etc.)
  8. Most people can only hold a smile for 1-3 seconds. Gather yourself, move around and try again.


How To Take Good Photos On Your Own, How To Take Pictures By Yourself

If you want to take even better photos, check out these tips.

  1. Use a timer.
  2. Use video, burst mode or live camera mode to capture more frames and select the best frame.
  3. Ask a tourist, server, or cute stranger.
  4. Get a remote trigger, tripod or newer phones with folding setups.

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Bad Selfies, Cringe Selfies, Unflattering Selfies

  • Gym selfies
  • Bedroom selfies
  • Bathroom selfies
  • Mirror selfies
  • Flexing selfies
  • Shirtless selfies
  • Bikini selfies
  • Intense selfies
  • Duckface selfies / pouty-face selfies
  • Looking away selfies
  • Two-handed selfies
  • Cleavage selfies


How To Take A Good Selfie For Guys, Girls

Selfies are ok in a pinch but you should really think twice about using them on LinkedIn profiles and dating apps as you want to convey a good first impression. If you have to take selfies, make it count, have a purpose, put in the effort and get feedback on it as most people are biased.

One selfie may be ok for a dating profile, but several might suggest narcissism, lack of friends or insecurity which and limit potential dating pool drastically.

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