San Francisco Dating Coach, Consultant For Men & Women: Dating App Strategy, Meeting People Offline Organically, Wardrobe, Conversation Tips, Date Ideas and More

Whether you are newly single, new to the city or have struggled to meet people organically out and about or through dating apps, I help individuals who are looking to meet more, quality folks organically.

Most people know me for my photography in providing natural, candid photos for dating app profiles but my offerings are more holistic than that. As a data geek, I approach dating like trying to optimize a funnel. I look to see where your biggest opportunities are going forward but also help you understand reasoning and rationale around areas where you struggle.

I take a step back and examine entire aspects of your life to see where you can benefit the most in your dating life whether it’s hiring a matchmaker, improving your profile on dating apps, making yourself more approachable offline or evaluating your decision making process with respect to prioritizing dating and analyzing people. Below is a rough framework from which I evaluate you as an individual.

Appearance: First Impressions, Posture, Facial Expressions, Facial Hair

I will use our in-person meetings to analyze vocal pitch, eye contact, posture, grooming habits, facial expressions and first impressions.

Wardrobe: Styling, Outfits, Accessories, Colors, Fit, Grooming

In this offering, I will analyze your current wardrobe to suggest colors that stand out while complementing your skin tone, offer suggestion on where to shop based on lifestyle and budget, offer ways to use accessories to help you stand out and get noticed.

Online Dating Apps: App Choice, Photos, Bios, Conversation Starters

Based on your demographics including age, gender, orientation, location and other items, I will recommend the top 2-3 apps to use along with suggestions for photos, prompts/bios, conversation starters, best practices for timing on messaging and more.

For in-person consultations, I will take your photos to complement and add to your existing set of photos for particular dating apps (4-6 unique photos of yourself are recommended on most apps).

Offline Approach: Curated List of Events, Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Museums, Classes, Date Ideas

Based on your location, I will work with you to identify opportunities to meet people based on one-off, seasonal and recurring events, classes and activities. Whether you are an outdoorsy person, new to the city, think you already know all the best bars, cafes, live music venues and restaurants, I will provide my list of places I hcve researched, visited and continually curate for over 1o years living here in San Francisco.

Offline Strategy: Body Language, Conversation Starters, Where To Sit & Stand, Date Ideas

Understanding where to sit and stand at bars and cafes is something you will never go back to ignoring after meeting with me. Finding subtle but specific open ended questions and comments to initiate a conversation is a skill I will help you craft if you are nervous or shy about boldly walking up to a stranger.

I will provide a list of publications, blogs, social media accounts etc. to read and follow to stay up to speed with your area and also provide content to help you hold conversations more easily.

If you have anxiety around planning dates, this is for you. Dates involve research, planning, familiarity with areas and operations as well as logistical aspects of timing, hours of operations, lighting, noise, seating arrangements and more.

Decision-Making Process: Questions To Ask, Reading People Online and Offline, Red Flags

For those that always date the wrong person, have trouble reading red flags or continually fall for the same type, I will go over your decision-making process to help you be more selective, ask better questions, identify dates and opportunities to really learn about a person in more detail than your casual, superficial dates.



I have worked with individuals from all walks of life: male and female, early 20s to early 60s, straight, gay, bi-sexual, open relationships, photophobic, introverts, recently divorced, never dated to those who continuously date the wrong people. My focus is to get people to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, identify new interests and passions, learn how to interpret people and their intentions and help you meet more quality people in your life.

I am not a ghostwriter. I am not a matchmaker. I am not a portrait photographer. What I am is someone who specializes in getting the most of people and helping the navigate the dating world much more comfortably and confidently.



Send me a note through the contact page on my website. I am currently accepting referrals online for this exhaustive, holistic approach to dating. For non-referrals, feel free to get in touch and please specify what you have done in your life, where you think you struggle and how I think I can help and I will get back to you if there is a mutual fit. I work with folks of good moral characterand I use an extensive background check process to make sure are able to improve the dating pool beyond yourself.

All my offerings are customized based around where I think I can help you the most. I don’t offer cookie cutter modules, rigid step by step programs nor do I  want to waste my time or yours with services that don’t make sense for you.



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About Eddie Hernandez 

Eddie Hernandez is a professional photographer specializing in natural, candid online dating photos. Featured in the SFGate, ABC7News, East Bay Express, Salon; contributor to Good Men Project, Plenty Of Fish and Meddle. In addition to photos, he provides guidance around app choice, bio optimization, messaging techniques, wardrobe advice and date ideas.

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