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If you are thinking about using Tawkify, please read this first. As someone who has consulted people on dating services (which apps to use, dating apps vs matchmakers, etc) I can tell not all services are as they appear.

The NYT interviewed me about the discrepancy around matchmaker ratings, dissatisfaction and why people use them.

For one, Google reviews can often be inflated as they are less likely to flag/remove reviews. Secondly, if you Google ‘Tawkify Yelp Reviews’ their Yelp page is buried that you may never find it.

Understand the types of people you are getting matched with is key. Luckily, I have the link for you below as well as other important information to know before signing up.

What Is Tawkify? How Does Tawkify Work? Is Tawkify A Dating Site?

Tawkify is a matchmaking service that claims to service larger cities in the United States, “heavily concentrated in larger cities and areas, but also spread out nationwide.” Anyone can say they serve any market, but do they serve it well? That’s another question.

Matches are curated so you don’t get to see who you go on a date with. The use of deal-breakers is uncertain and experience can be hit or miss because of this.

Tawkify Matchmaker Yelp Reviews

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First off, Tawkify charges fees for creating a profile in their database and then a recurring fee for matchmaking services (being in their database doesn’t mean you will be paired off often or at all).

With that said, most people have bad profiles to begin with, so I won’t discount that bad experience all on Tawkify (user error is sometimes to blame).

Secondly, dates on Tawkify are blind dates, meaning you can’t see the people before you meet. Not bad if you have no preferences or deal-breakers, but not so much if you are picky in any sense (most people are).

According to this lawsuit, one client paid $3,700 for 6 dates. The terms of service are rather long and detailed ‘ten pages long with substantive terms covering nine pages’ and most people don’t read the fine print. Yes, this is partly user error, but it’s also rather overkill.

The biggest red flag is that all disputes be handled via arbitration. This is what many large tech companies use in their employee work clauses. Definitely worth a read.

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Tawkify Dates, What To Expect. Matchable Members vs Paid Clients

If you do sign up for Tawkify, make sure you specify you only want to go on dates with paid clients not ‘matchable members‘ who only paid a small fee to get matched with paid clients.


Tawkify Trustpilot Reviews – Dating Service Reviews

Many matchmakers use internal services or more 3rd party services like Trustpilot. Trustpilot is a service that has come under the microscope for the nature of the reviews, you can read more about that here.

Before signing up for any service, read all the reviews, read Yelp reviews, and read the people who are writing reviews (in some cases people from the company are righting reviews for themselves).


Tawkify Birdseye Reviews

Dating Profile Critique, Review Services

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-As seen in the NYT, WSJ, AskMen, Women's Health, Bumble, SFGate, ABC7News-

Tawkify Yelp Reviews, Tawkify Bad Reviews, Reviews Of Tawkify, Tawkify Reviews Google, Tawkify Success Stories, Tawkify Success Rate

As you can see, some of these listings do not show up in organic search results (Google nor Yelp).

Tawkify Better Business Bureau Reviews (Tawkify BBB Reviews)


Tawkify Reddit Review, Tawkify Real Reviews, Tawkify Bad Reviews, Tawkify Reviews Reddit


Tawkify vs It’s Just Lunch: It’s Just Lunch Reviews, It’s Just Lunch Complaints, Tawkify Alternatives

It’s Just Lunch is not much better. See the reviews below. At least their reviews are easier to find.

It’s Just Lunch LA Reviews:

It’s Just Lunch San Francisco Reviews:

It’s Just Lunch New York Reviews:


What Cities Is Tawkify In?

They say they ‘probably’ on their site. Huge red flag. Matchmakers are not in every city. Local knowledge is key to being a successful matchmaker.


Does Tawkify Do Criminal Background Checks?

From their terms of use… as of March 2022.


Read this post about background checks.


Things To Ask Your Matchmaker, Specify Before Agreeing To A Date, Questions To Ask A Matchmaker

Some people don’t specify dealbreakers when it comes to possible matches and as such, waste value dates and money on people they have zero interest in. Limiting users to 3 dealbreakers is pretty limited. Ask for more.

-Distance: do you want to get matched with someone 20-45+ miles away?

-Weight/height: not advocating that you be superficial, but bare minimums are recommended.

-Income/lifestyle/religion/smoking: seems obvious, but not really unless you specify it.

-Age, kids, previously married: these are three different items.

As you can see, I listed more than half a dozen common, normal deal-breakers. Limiting users to three is a set up for failure, frustration.


Tawkify Member vs Client

There is a difference in services. If you want to be matched with paid clients like yourself, state it. Some of the clients on Tawkify might also on dating apps so be sure you know what you are getting yourself into.


Should You Use Dating Apps? Is Online Dating Worth It?

It definitely can be helpful but keep in mind dating apps are tools. Tools are subject to user error. Dating apps can’t make up for bad photos, lazy profiles, remote locations, unrealistic expectations, poor strategy, timing and communication nor do they operate like order apps (DoorDash).

Dating apps are not for everyone but before you give up hope on them, make sure you are not self-sabotaging your efforts with bad profiles.

For tips on making a good Hinge profile, read this. For help with making a good Bumble profile, read this.


Should You Outsource Your Dating Life? Should You Use Matchmakers?

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