As an online dating photographer in San Francisco, I love helping people feel their best, build confidence, take better photos and get more quality dates. As a contributor to The Good Men Project, Plenty of Fish and Meddle, my approach to online dating photos goes beyond photos – it entails a holistic strategy: Wardrobe Tips, Dating App Recommendations, Review of Existing Photos, Bio Optimization and Offline Coaching i.e. date spots, good places to meet singles (all steps need to build social and dating fluency in the technology age). Latest press coverage here and reviews here. I have worked with CEO’s, widows, shy folks, divorcees, recently single, gay, straight, bisexual folks as well as those new to online dating and those who think they are unphotogenic. Let’s talk!

For those that are not able to come to me or if I am not visiting your area (check Instagram for travel dates), I do offer profile critiques done remotely. For more information check out the service here.


A quick questionnaire will help me evaluate photos, social media presence and profiles. Next, I review answers and provide analysis on app choice, photo selection and bio optimization. I will use the info to plan a photo shoot that highlights your hobbies, essence and style so that the photos are natural, confident, playful and candid. I shoot outdoors and indoor public places with natural light. A photoshoot might involve a cocktail bar, beer garden, hiking trail, park, coffee shop, street art, farmer’s market or more. I will observe your comfort level and check in with backgrounds and locations to make sure you are feeling good throughout the process. 

My images are purposefully taken so that they come out looking organic, natural like if a friend took them. They are not overly sharp nor feature a bokeh effect similar to professional headshots. They are taken to to capture warmth, presence, attire, approachability, candidness, imperfections in a flattering light. If you are looking merely to hook up, are looking to get sharp glossy staged photos, please seek another professional. My focus is on character not ego, prestige nor self-absorbed personalities. These photos are meant to attract strangers. They are not for yourself nor your friends who are often times biased.

Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before and stay hydrated. We will spend the first 10-15 minutes to sit down and get to know each other. I will observe posture, mannerisms, look for stray hair, uneven collars, untied shoes, make sure you glasses are clean, give you time to use the restroom to freshen up etc. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive on time – don’t add stress to your day by arriving late, finding parking etc. After spending a few hours with me during the photo shoot, I will help you out with your bio, answers to Hinge / Coffee Meets Bagel questions etc.

During the photoshoot I will analyze you like no one else has. My unbiased feedback on wardrobe choices, posture, conversation, energy and attitude will be helpful in your offline endeavors and transition from online to offline. It’s not just helpful to get good photos but getting a deep dive into your personal life will help me understand who you are, what you are about and where you can improve with respect to candid conversations, 1st impressions, eye contact, appearance and more.


I do not post photos online; your privacy is of utmost importance to me. I work with C-suite executives, high profile individuals, those new to dating as as well as extremely shy/introverted individuals. I have worked with dozens of of clients dealing with social anxiety, adult attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), photophobia etc. Read this guide on how to maintain your privacy when online dating. I also work with clients from a range of interests and orientations: straight women, gay men, bisexual women, furry fanatics and those who are currently exploring their sexuality.



I prioritize referrals but I do work with new clients too. If you are recently single, have changed your appearance, do not have any recent photos or are looking for help, contact me and I will review your request. I seek out genuine, sincere individuals – those I would introduce to friends, family & colleagues. My goal is to improve the societal dating pool. I schedule shoots ~1-14 days out.

For those who are remote, I offer online dating profile critique. More details about that offering here.



I accept Square Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Personal Check and Cash at the time of the photo shoot. I do not charge a deposit but if you cancel I cannot guarantee you will be able to reschedule with me. I expect both of us to approach our work together as a first date. It is nearly impossible to obtain a date after canceling the first time around.


I don't want a profile review, help with my bio nor photo analysis, do you just offer photos?

I do not unfortunately. The review process is to help me plan a photoshoot, understand your past history with dating apps, and assess if you would benefit from new photos. It also helps me to assess whether you would benefit from new/updated online dating photos as online dating is not for everyone. Lastly while photos are important, a bad bio, poor prompts and answers, lackluster messages and using the wrong dating app can drastically hurt your chances for success.

Do you offer makeover or personal shopping services?

I am not a personal shopper nor stylist but I will help you with outfits for a shoot. Check out the Pinterest boards for inspiration on clothing, patterns and colors. Wear outfits that you are confident in, would wear normally either everyday or for a special occasion. ​Men’s Fashion Tips | Women’s Fashion Tips. Remember, styles shoot be unique to your personality, fit you well, and show some effort. You are dressing up for your future dates, not yourself.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

I do not unfortunately. I highly recommend coming as you are so that you are not running around frantically the day of the shoot nor altering your natural appearance. You need to be comfortable in your own skin to be successful with online dating but I will provide guidance on makeup, clothing style etc. You can drop by your local Sephora for some assistance with makeup but keep it light, don’t cake up makeup.

How do you conduct your photo shoots in public?

I am the most resourceful, knowledgeable and discreet photographers around. I carefully select areas to accommodate schedules as well as maintain privacy. Half the time you will not know I am taking photos and if you are super shy, I have methods to be unassuming (you can view my events and editorial work to get a glimpse of my style). I am not like other photographers who use flashes with big stands and umbrellas nor make people hold unnatural poses. I have extensive experience creating environments for those that are introverted, cannot smile or have social anxiety. I worked with engineers, PHD’s, statisticians, finance and accounting professionals for over 10 years in my previous career. With that said, you should approach the photoshoot as a first date, come dressed to impress, come with questions and come with a go with the flow mentality. I will use the session as a sounding board to provide feedback on first impressions, social queues, body language, eye contact and conversation flow so that you are better prepared on your dates going forward.

Do you Photoshop images i.e. eye brightening, teeth whitening, skin softening, etc ?

No, absolutely not. I don’t recommend you use such photos nor hire such a photographer. I focus on shooting in natural, flattering light. Photos should appear like how you appear naturally but with some guidance on posing, confidence, style etc. If you misrepresent yourself for date #1 it can significantly lower your chances of going from date #1 to date #2.

Do you have examples of online dating photos?

No, I do not. Privacy is super important to me. These are not meant to be portrait or glamour shots – these are meant to show a warm, candid side to you. The photos are less about what you want and more about what others want and are interested in seeing. I also do not publicize photos for competitive reasons. Most other photographers who dabble with online dating photos are portrait photographers who offer stiff, awkward headshot and modeling photos that are ineffective on dating apps.

Where do you primarily shoot photos?
I mostly shoot in the Embarcadero, Financial District, North Beach, Hayes Valley, Haight-Ashbury, Presidio, Mission District, Pacific Heights, Jackson Square, Union Square, Mill Valley, Downtown Oakland neighborhoods. I occasionally will be able to come to the client at an additional cost. I also travel for shoots to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Portland and Seattle. Follow me on Instagram or shoot me a note on the contact page to see when I am coming to a city near you. In the meantime, you can read up on my online dating profile assessment here.
How long does it take to see noticeable results after a photoshoot?
At least 10-12 days to see noticeable results, sometimes 3-4 weeks (Thursdays + Sundays are usually the busiest days of the week). That guideline is only for those that stick with the recommended photos I suggest and do not use self-sabotaging photos or don’t use the recommended order (typically group shots, photos with sunglasses, photos looking away should be minimal and used toward the end of your profile). Lead with the best photos of yourself first so people can see you as some people tend to make initial swipe decisions based on the first photo and then further analyze matches afterward. Also swap out the main photo you used previously with a new one to refresh the profile. If you only swap out or edit subsequent photos, most people will not notice as they many look at the first photo (at least initially).
Do you provide offline or in the field coaching?
I offer a glimpse of this during the photo session as situations arise but I do offer more comprehensive one on one sessions:
-What bars and restaurants to check out based on noise levels, what’s trending etc. What drinks to order, where to sit at a bar, what your body posture communicates to others.
-Personal shopping sessions: where to shop, clothes to wear (size, cut, style, accessorising and color matching based on skin tones)
-How to approach someone organically at a cafe or bar, and how to start a conversation organically and techniques techniques to become more confident in everyday situations. Contact me for additional information.
Do you ever travel to clients?

Yes, on occasion. I travel to cities all the time. Follow me on Instagram for updates or get a group of friends to see if they are interested in a photoshoot and I might come to your city (shoot me a note through my contact page). My favorite cities to visit: Los Angeles, New York (Brooklyn), Chicago, Boston, Seattle and Portland. 

I do however virtual online dating profile assessments. For more information contact me for a review of your app choice, photos, bio, and more.

Do you offer matchmaking services?

Not upfront. I have introduced clients I have worked with to each other but that is after I have had a chance to work with them through a session in which I spend several hours getting to know them inside out and seeing if might match with someone I have worked with already. I also, will ask individuals if it is ok if I have their permission to share their information to someone I think could be a good match. If interested, I will make a note in my records and get back to you if/when I do begin this service.

Have additional questions? Check out my Frequently Asked Questions page or contact me for a consultation.

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