AI Generated Dating Photos: Should You Use AI Dating Photos, AI Generated Professional Headshots, AI Headshots For Work

Dating is tough and if you browse forums and new articles, many would say modern dating is awful. Given isolation caused by technology, shift in workplace environments that favor WFH for some industries and growing use of dating apps thanks to the pandemic, people are struggling to date more than ever.

Dating apps have allowed some people to meet more people beyond their social circles and routines but for others, it has made dating more difficult as they lack photos and writing skills which are skillsets at the heart of online dating. These days, everyone is looking to get an edge with dating apps. There are numerous services to outsource efforts, ranging from:

-photoshop experts to remove unfavorable blemishes

-photo editing apps to make you slimmer

-photographers to take glamour photos

-ghostwriters to write your bio, prompts

-chatbots to come up with clever messages

-dating app concierge services to set up dates 


AI Generated Photos: AI Headshots, AI Photos For Work, AI Photos For Dating Apps

Some people claim these services are perfectly fine and acceptable to use. Others claim to use them to make dating more efficient (similar to hiring an executive assistant to plan meetings, book flights etc). Most would argue there is some form of deception going on, and would back out of dates and be horrified if they found out their date used any of these services.

But now there is more reason to be concerned as the newest trend in dating photos is upon us – AI generated dating profile photos.

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What Are AI Generated Dating Pictures? How Do AI Generated Profile Photos Work?

AI photos are those that are creating technology. This goes beyond photo editing and goes to create brand-new photos by using some text description to dictate what is desired in the photo output.

AI generated dating profile photos are those that use one’s existing likeness and creates a new (often times more flattering) photo using artificial intelligence. They typically use the likeness i.e. face and then use AI to adjust, add or remove features like hair, blemishes, weight, outfits, skin tone, scars and more. 

There are a number of services out there that allow users to upload a photo and then produce a variety of photos based on the instructions provided.


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Why Do People Use AI Generated Photos? Hinge, Tinder & Bumble

Not everyone is a photoshop wizard. People want to be able to edit photos in private without hiring someone or posting on reddit to a bunch of strangers.

In some cases, people might want to remove an ex from a photo. This is a popular request among people who don’t want to show their ex for privacy reasons, are ashamed or think that showing an ex might hurt their chances either because others might feel intimated or others might be turned off.

Other people might use it to remove a friend doing something juvenile, remove a middle finger being displayed in a photo, or to remove items in the background of a profile. These instances seem pretty harmless, but the range of use will likely far exceed these trivial cases of photo editing. AI is pretty powerful, and there are already apps out there promising way more than a simple editing.


How Can People Misuse AI Generated Photos? Catfishing With AI Dating Profile Photos

-Don’t like your hairline, tell the app to fill in bald spots or improve your hair line

-Put on a few pounds during covid? Tell the app to shave off pounds of your weight, inches off your waist or reduce your body fat by a few percentage points

-Haven’t gone on vacation, tell the app to give you a light, healthy tan

-Are a few inches below average height, tell the app to make you taller

-Don’t like your hair color, tell the app to make you blonde

-Have an unflattering tattoo that you haven’t removed, tell the app to remove it for you

-Want to lighten your skin because you think you are too dark, tell the app to adjust your skin color


Are AI-Generated Dating Profile Photos Ethical? Deepfake Dating Profiles

The general rule of thumb for recommended photos on dating apps is that they are recent, look like you now, and don’t distort features to the point where someone would be disappointed if they met you in person. Unfortunately, people lack self-awareness. It’s not uncommon for people to use photos 10 years ago, 25 pounds lighter, 30% more hair and filtered photos that softened skin, removed scars, and lightened up skin.

If you ask most people, using AI-generated photos would be an automatic deal-breaker. If you understand the struggle some people have with dating apps, they will gladly sacrifice not getting second dates because of misrepresenting themselves, given the alternative is not getting any dates to begin with.

Lying is lying and be prepared to be reported on apps for misrepresentation, similar to what people are reported for when filtering photos.

The fact that the ability to edit photos like this exists will cause lots of societal concerns, increased mental health problems, and drive youth and vulnerable populations to fix themselves based on perceived norms and preferences. This is not healthy, nor is it trivial. It’s a big problem and will get worse with video capability, voice-alterations and improved quality of deepfakes.

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AI Headshots, AI Generated Profile Pictures, AI Generated Headshots, AI Linkedin Photos

Just like people are using AI generated images for dating profiles, they are using AI generated headshots as well. Using AI generated images is just like photoshopping your photos. Some people don’t think there is anything wrong, everyone does it – wrong. Not everyone does it.

Some people like their natural photos, and this photographer does as well. You are free to do what you want but your AI generated images won’t be without consequences, judgment.

These photos are super obvious and can suggest insecurity, misleading efforts or even catfishing. Is that the first impression you want to convey to an investor, hiring manager or dating prospect who looks you up on Linkedin?


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