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Mexico City is one of those rare cities that has it all – food, culture, history, architecture, arts, music and a warm community of people where the random conversations with locals are as memorable as the attractions themselves. You can spend upward of a week exploring the city limits and still miss out quite a bit.

From world-class restaurants like Pujol to incredible buildings like the library to the impressive and overlooked Natural History Museum to the amazing pyramids, Mexico City has it all. Great for couples, friends and yes, families. Watch Netflix’s Taco Chronicles to whet your appetite for food.

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The thing I love the most about the city is the cafe culture without all the arrogance of places across the pond. With surrounding areas of Guanajuato, Puebla, Teotihuacan, etc. You will already be planning your return trip before your return flight back home back to these amazing attractions and tourist attractions.

Condesa neighborhood is a great place to stay and walkable to nearby neighborhoods, although you may never want to leave. Contact me today to discuss your upcoming travel needs. Check out my other travel guides here.

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For travel information, check out my itinerary below. I often travel to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Boston and Mexico City for headshot sessions as well as dating profile photoshoots. I know these cities inside out and have limited slots on my waitlist for non-clients and non-referrals.

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