If you are looking to tell your personal or business’ story through professional headshots, lifestyle headshots, branding headshots, business headshots, social media headshots, environmental headshots or about us section of your website, let’s talk!

San Francisco Lifestyle Branding Photographer

Communicating a vibrant, professional, personal images through headshots and about us sections can set you apart from others individuals and small businesses here in Northern California. As a personal branding photographer in San Francisco, I know how to elevate one’s appearance, approachability, reputation and authenticity.

San Francisco Bay Area based personal branding photographer and visual marketing expert for executives’ portraits, entrepreneurs who want to convey themselves authentically, and small business owners who want to inspire trust, authority and approachability by helping their customers see the person behind the brand.

Should I Have A Picture Of Myself On My Website

Your personal branding photos should be as unique as your business. No two photoshoots look the same because I design everything based on your personality, industry and clients.

When potential clients, customers, partners and job-seekers research your brand and company, they want to see a person behind the business. A photo can make or break whether your business is chosen over your competition.

This Is More Than A Regular Headshot Session | Brand Photography Bay Area

I will consult on your outfits, research locations for your photoshoot and guide you through posing. I also format photos to fit mobile and desktop sites, optimize sizes for website page speed, and will assist with SEO labels to gain the most from your new photos. Additionally, I can link photos on my site back to your website for more visibility and to build your backlink strategy.

San Francisco Personal Branding Photographer + SEO & Web Analytics Services

In addition to photos, I specialize in SEO strategy for small business owners – you found me didn’t you? Depending on your budget, time and focus (leads, sales, awareness, approachability, professionalism etc. I will provide options on things to consider including analyzing search terms, pros and cons for listing business in directories, optimizing Yelp & Google business pages, social media pages and more.

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What To Wear: For women’s wardrobe tips read this guide. For men’s clothing tips, be sure to read this guide.

About Eddie Hernandez

San Francisco Brand Photographer, Social Media Photographer: Professional Headshots, People Portraits, LinkedIn Photos, Website Photography, Personal Branding Headshots, Branding Photoshoots, People Photography for non-profits, startups, small business owners, professional firms and local organizations.

I primarily shoot outdoors, public spaces and client sites (on location, before work, after work, lunch breaks) and specialize in location scouting and creative direction. Assistance with wardrobe and styling is available. 

My ability to put people at ease, guide poses, provide unique backgrounds and create a fun photo shoot filled is what separates me from others. If you hate taking photos or are camera shy, you have come to the right person for your pictures.

Contact me today for more information, pricing, availability: https://eddie-hernandez.com/contact/ 

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