What is AskMatch Dating Service? Should You Try This Offline Dating Coach Help?

Recently Match revealed a new service feature called AskMatch which is essentially a dating coach service for users of Match with the hopes of help them with their profiles (bios, photos, answers etc.). Sean Captain of Fast Company wrote a great piece covering the service here. For the record, I was approached my Match to take part in this program but declined.

I think there is tremendous value in offering help to users of the platform (not just Match but all dating apps and sites) but I think Match’s problem to date has been stale profiles, non-paid users who can’t send/read messages, dwindling user counts and gender ratio imbalances.

Yes, retention levels would improve with a better profiles, photos, bios, answers etc. but this is something Match should have done 5 years ago before the decline in users and satisfaction. These days there are plenty of free dating apps that are great alternatives such as Hinge, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel and Bumble (depending on your age, orientation, location, what you seek etc).

In the near-term, improving your profile won’t change the fact that Match has seen declining/flat registrations, paid subscribers and inactive profiles so the help there won’t be as useful on Match but could apply elsewhere. With that said, every site and app is different and knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each is crucial to knowing where to place your focus.

I recommend working with someone who can analyze your demographics, lifestyle, personality and suggest the best apps for you not just look for someone who can help you on one app that may not be the best for you. This is why I declined the invite – a severe conflict of interest would have likely surfaced if I had suggested clients spend more time on their Match profile vs spending time on other apps and sites.

If you already have a paid subscription and have the time, check it out – it can’t hurt right? Perhaps not but these coaches are mostly anonymized commodities so not all are created equal and not all are coming from the same level of experience, awareness, success and trust as some of the best coaches out there. Not all rules or guidelines are consistent, certain people can get away with deviating from best practices, advice etc, and I am not sure if coaches have that leverage to deviate from the script they may or may not have been provided by Match.

If you would like to do a quick check on your Match profile to see if you are avoiding any self-sabotage, take a look at these common mistakes people make on their profile.

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