Men’s Wardrobe Headshot Tips, Fashion Guide, Examples

What To Wear For A Headshot: Men’s Professional & Corporate Business Headshots: Tips, Clothing, Wardrobe Styling, Ideas, Headshot Photography Tips & Examples 

Depending on the industry you are in, headshot options are limitless, especially if you decide to capture your headshot outside a studio i.e. public space, office space, outdoors etc.

Most people assumed studio shots were the only way to take a professional headshot – that is clearly not the case in anymore.


What To Wear For Professional Headshots, Best Things To Wear, Headshot Outfits, Wardrobe Tips For Men – What To Wear For A Headshot

Over the years, there has been a shift from more formal looks to more business casual, fashionable looks that capture individuality and approachability.

Startups have helped this trend trying to escape stiff corporate culture for something more edgy, relaxed and approachable. It’s now a tool used for recruitment to lure potential employees that are looking beyond a paycheck.

There are a number of factors that can affect what you should wear for your headshot, so here are some tips to get the most out of your photos.  (see Men’s Headshot examples)


Men’s Professional Business Headshots Tips: Wardrobe, Clothing, Style & Suits – What To Wear For Professional Headshots

Below are some general guidelines to consider when planning your next business headshot. Be sure to provide your photographer with context and details, so he/she can guide you on specific recommendations for your industry, method of photo placement etc.

For women’s headshot tips, read this:

If you are preparing to get your headshot for LinkedIn, be sure to also read this piece to understand photo dimensions, sizes, resolution, cropping, spacing and other best practices and etiquette.

Mens Professional Headshot Examples, Poses, Wardrobe Styling Fashion Tips

Mens Professional Headshot Examples, Poses, Wardrobe Styling Fashion Tips


How Should Men Dress For A Professional Headshot: Men’s Fashion For Headshots – Wardrobe Blazers, Ties (Headshots What To Wear)

Unless you work in investment banking, real estate, sales or other similar field, business suits and ties are no longer necessary in headshots. Executives in start-ups and other technology fields are opting for the blazer and shirt (no tie) or ditching the jacket altogether.

If your profession or industry demands a tie, stick with solid colors (shades of red, blue or black). You can also try other colors as well like mustard yellow, royal purple or soft rose.

Many technology companies these days are having a hard time competing for talent that they can no longer force employees to dress up as rigidly as they have before.

Executives should set the tone in their attire for what they want to convey to potential candidates. Come as too stiff and you might scare away folks. Dress up too casual and you might come off as immature or self-absorbed.

Depending on location, style and budget, look at Zara, Massimo Dutti, Hugo Boss, Klein Epstein & Parker, J. Crew, Charles Tyrwhitt, Bonobos, Uniqlo for your blazer needs.


Men’s Professional Headshot Tips – Men’s Clothing: Dress Shirts (Headshot Clothing Tips), Best Color Shirt For Headshots, What Color To Wear For Headshots, What Color To Wear For Professional Headshots, Headshot Clothing Ideas

Dress shirts are still a go-to for most men taking headshots but depending on your industry and seniority, you can opt out of the blazer. Regardless, your dress shirt should be clean and pressed and your collars should be sharp. Invest in some collar stays (plastic ones that come with the shirt is fine but after-market metal one are great).

There is nothing that ruins a photo quite like wrinkles, stains, and bent collars. Be sure to plan around your headshot so you don’t spill anything nor get it too wrinkled. If you do decide to opt for a dress shirt only headshot, avoid all white shirt as it can reflect a little too much light.


Location: Environment, Backgrounds for Headshots

When coordinating a headshot, I like to get a sense of preferred locations and backgrounds the customer has in mind. These days, more and more people are opting out of traditional two-dimensional studio headshots and moving to more environmental headshots that allow for more creativity.

Unless you are in rigid industry like investment banking or academia, the options you have for your headshots are vast.

Avoid colors that clash or exactly match our background and environment. For example, if shooting against a brick wall, avoid brown, dark reds and clay colored attire. Additionally, understand lighting patterns.

Some environments are too dark or too bright depending on the time of day so anything you can do to assist your photographer out with examples you are considering for your office, residence or other familiar site is helpful


Grooming: Beards, Mustaches and Nose Hair (Should You Have Facial Hair In A Headshot)

There are many opinions with facial hair but a light stubble or a clean shave is usually recommended. Most men never get unbiased feedback on their appearance and grooming habits so those details often times go unchecked.

If you do opt for the mustache or beard look, keep it cleanly trim so that stray hairs are not visible.

Give yourself plenty of time to shave so that you don’t cut yourself when you are rushing over to meet your photographer for photos (you should also be aware of any skin irritation you may experience if you shave too close to your headshot appointment). Always use shaving cream and use new blades – dull ones can cause irritation and ingrown hairs.

Consider the timing of your headshot – long days, stress or wind can cause your look to change by the time you are ready for your headshot. Invest in nose clippers or trimmers. Many men ignore this subtle yet obvious detail in their grooming regime and it shows in photos.


Wardrobe Attire For Professional Portraits: Best Colors, Patterns To Wear For Headshots

The general rule of thumb is to avoid colors that clash with skin tone and backgrounds. You don’t want colors either similar to your skin tone nor similar to your background.

Avoid loud colors (i.e. neon, those with a lot of shine, reflective colors) unless you are in a creative field outside more conservative business fields.

Most headshot advice articles out there cater to more conservative fields so take everything with a grain of salt and seek out photographers that specialize in more creative headshots.

I am a big fan of black, gray, jewel tones and white if layered with a blazer. Avoid loud patterns when possible. Single tone tops, or simple/subtle patterns work well to.


Skincare: Makeup, Concealer and Breakouts

While makeup is generally worn by women, men often can benefit from makeup as well. A good concealer can cover-up a blemish but make sure to get one that matches your skin tone.

If you need help, you can drop by Sephora for some help from a makeup artist so you know how to work with your skin.

When it comes to skincare preventive efforts are best but it also helps to know which products are best for your skin. Never try a new product right before a photo shoot as you never know how it can react to your skin.

With that said, I like Obagi products for skincare. Unlike over the counter products that lie on top of the skin, Obagi Clenziderm is one that seems to be more effective at managing redness and pimples.


Haircuts for Professional Headshots, Hair For Professional Headshots, Hairstyle For Professional Headshots

Not much to say here other than don’t schedule your haircut on the day of your photoshoot especially with a new barber or stylist. Every so often someone will get a haircut that they are not happy with. Give yourself time to get a look you like and are confident in.


Eyeglasses vs. Contact Lenses

If you wear glasses great, bring them. Make sure they are clean, free of dirt and scratches and are not damaged, crooked. You want your glasses pressed up against your face and not slide down too far down your nose

Let your photographer know you wear eyeglasses, so he/she can prepare ahead of time or let you know if they are unable to accommodate requests for glare removal.


Looking Dapper For Professional Headshots: Clean, Pressed Suits & Outfit – What To Wear For Headshots Professional, What Clothes To Wear For Headshots, Outfit Ideas For Professional Headshots

Always make sure your outfit is clean, pressed for photos. If you schedule a photo shoot after work, be careful not to spill anything on yourself or get wrinkled shirts.

If you decide to change into your outfit, be sure it doesn’t get wrinkled in your bag or worn when sitting down or driving to/from work or the photoshoot.


Men’s Smart Casual Looks For Headshots: Great Professional Headshots – What To Wear For A Headshot Male, What To Wear For A Headshot Man, Good Headshot Outfits

The smart casual look is defined as a casual look with elements of more polished and refined accents i.e. blazer with a t-shirt, nice dress shoes worn with jeans, designer jeans etc.

It’s a style that is more fashionable than most as it requires keen awareness of all styles but effectively being able to mix and match accordingly. It’s popular in startup industries and is also referred to as understated look.


How Can Guys Be  More Photogenic In Photos

Read this guide on the things you can do to prepare yourself for being more photogenic in all your photos.


Tips For Taking Headshots: Worst LinkedIn Headshot Examples

If you still need help trying to figure out headshots, read this guide on photo headshots examples to avoid.

For additional fashion tips, check out my Pinterest Board for inspiration. For tips on how to prepare for your headshot, read this useful guide before taking your headshot.

Contact me today to schedule your own custom headshot.


What Not To Wear For Headshots

Distracting patterns, loud colors, excessive makeup, big earrings, dirty glasses, dressed down looks for your position or industry, logos, tops with too much shine.


Image Consultant, Men’s Style Consultant, Fashion Advisor – Best Colors To Wear For Professional Photos

Building a wardrobe takes time and even with focus, it’s not about finding the right size but factoring in hair color, hair style, body type, lifestyle, skin tone and what you want to convey.

Even with good photos and smiles, outfits can make you look boring, larger than you are or immature. If you are looking to get feedback on your current look to see if you are conveying the right signals, contact me for a consultation.

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