Sparkfluence Reviews, Is Sparkfluence Legit

I just received an email for them offering $70 for a guest mention. Complete garbage offer even if it’s not legit. Avoid at all costs. Try looking up any of their employees on Linkedin. You won’t find them.

“Would you be open to a paid blog collaboration with a popular consumer brand? They’re not looking for a guest/sponsored post. Our client is a major website that features sites + stores such as Amazon, Zoom, etc. and just wants a simple, non-promotional mention of your choice of a specific product or brand (that you’d mention regardless) in an existing or upcoming post you’ve already got in the works.

This typically only takes a few minutes to complete, and we’re quick on payments (via PayPal). Let me know if you’d like more information and examples of mentions from other bloggers we’ve worked with.”

“If interested, here are more details and examples for the collaboration:

Our client is Capital One Shopping, formerly known as Wikibuy. It’s a fantastic website + extension that finds you the best deals for stores or specific items. Many people compare it to the Honey app. Check out the site here (no account needed, scroll to close the login window). This is the site from which we’d like you to link to one relevant product or brand you currently/plan to mention on your blog.

Timeline & Payment

  • The budget is $70 USD sent to you in full via PayPal. For payment, please share your PayPal ID.
  • Within one week of payment, include the mention in a blog post that is within two weeks old, and send me the post link.

Link Inclusion

  • Include one permanent and do-follow link to your choice of either a store page or a product page (not the homepage).
  • Make it a natural and seamless fit: without mentioning Capital One Shopping, add the link to your post using the specific store/brand name or product name as the anchor text.”

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