Should You Try Happn Dating App?

What is Happn?

Happn is one the latest dating apps on the market to take advantage of the location based capabilities. According to the company it “enables its users to build connections based on real-time interactions.” The focus of the app is to suggest profiles of users you have either crossed paths with or might likely run into  based on your routines or routes taken. The first thing that comes to mind is a real-time, location based Missed Connections from Craigslist. Their tagline is a straight from the Best of CL ad – “We’ve all had that experience of making eye contact with someone who leaves a lasting impression”

Who is this Happn for?

This apps sounds ideal for those in a rush, those who are shy, those seeking a hook-up, those who are unable to introduce themselves to a person who is busy/distracted and those who are likely to mesh well with your lifestyle and frequented places. Ideally this app would attract the serendipity fans and believers but I think that mentality doesn’t crossover well into the digital space. One exception would be a shared experience i.e. traveling to the same area or going to the same concert but even then that seems a bit of a stretch.

I imagine the male/female gender ratio of this app is rather high, perhaps higher than dating apps.

Initial Impressions

There is very little screening involved when creating a profile. One photo and 6 answers to 6 simple questions is all it takes to get you started. Aside from a verification via mobile phone, anyone can set up a profile even stalkers. One of the first profiles I encountered was from what appeared to be a real woman with the tagline “I am just here to creep on my neighbors”. Imagine how that comes off if a guy wrote that. 

Most profiles are limited in nature. Ages are provided but with no preferences nor filters, the age range can be 20-30 years apart. Additionally, most suggested profiles are hypothetical individuals you ‘could come across’. Perhaps with additional time and location data, it can provide actual profiles of people I have encountered but the profiles are slim.

There seemed to be a few real profiles on the app but most I encountered seemed fake or stalker-ish accounts.


One interesting aspect of the app is that it can suggest users in an area. If you have your location data turned on, it can possibly track cheating partners that were in areas that they previously lied about to significant others. It seems like the app would need to track your location even when the app is not open to get the optimal results and given the privacy issues surrounding most tech companies, I find it hard to believe users would provide this direct, implicit information to an app.

Final Thoughts

I can see why some folks who are shy or insecure would use the app but if that was the case, I imagine it would be hard for that person to send a message to person they don’t know. Considering the inventory of profiles and privacy issues, I would not recommend this app to any client of mine. Although inefficient, other apps at least have better engagement among profiles to give them a shot.

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